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Artificial Grass is Ideal for Holiday Homes

With over 800,000 Brits reported to own a second property abroad, the number of people opting to invest their money in a holiday home is on the increase, and it’s easy to see why!

Holiday properties give you a chance to secure rental income throughout the year, whilst offering a ‘home away from home’ to relax in whenever you choose – but they also require a great deal of maintenance.

Whether you plan on returning for regular holidays or renting out your holiday home to others, it’s important to ensure that the property is kept in great condition all year round. For owners, this level of maintenance can cost a great deal of time and money, which could be why AGD has seen a huge rise in our products going abroad.

Our turf can be laid virtually anywhere, and looks great laid around a swimming pool, on a roof terrace or even on a balcony.

Holiday garden

If you’re lucky enough to own a holiday home with its very own garden, artificial grass could be the perfect answer to your maintenance nightmares. Turf from AGD provides a stress free alternative to natural grass, allowing you to save on the cost of employing a gardener while still providing you with a lush, green area to sunbathe on every time you visit. Low maintenance artificial grass allows you to relax in the knowledge that your garden will look after itself all year round, staying pristine until your next visit.

Swimming pool

Imagine the luxury of sinking your feet into soft grass as you lounge by the pool. Not only does it feel great, artificial grass acts a slip-proof surface for your pool providing a much softer landing surface than concrete or tile – perfect if you have kids running around. Durable and reliable, artificial turf will withstand heavy use and tolerate water splashes and salt/chlorine content, giving you a great looking pool area all year round.

Roof terrace & balcony

You certainly don’t need an entire garden to benefit from an area of lush, green AGD turf. Many people opt to install artificial grass on balconies and roof terraces where it’s simply not practical to grow natural grass.

We have supplied to countries all over Europe in the past including Tenerife, France and Croatia and are able to deliver your artificial grass directly to your holiday home ready to install.

If you’re looking to add some year round green to your holiday home, get in touch with a member of our friendly team to request an international order price today.