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What is artificial grass?

Artificial grass is a synthetic alternative to natural grass. Often referred to as fake grass or artificial turf, artificial grass looks remarkably like the real thing with none of the drawbacks of natural turf. It can be installed anywhere you like it from gardens and lawns all the way to rooftops and even indoors!

Where can I buy artificial grass?

You can buy artificial grass online in our shop! Choose from a range of shades and styles to suit your personal tastes. Want to try before you buy? Request a free sample delivered straight to your door and look/feel for yourself!

Why should I buy artificial grass?

If you love grass but don’t want the mess, mud and maintenance, our artificial turfs are perfect for you.

Gravel and paving may be practical, but only fake grass gives you an easy-care surface with the softness, bounce, and colour of real grass. The kids and pets can play on it. You can sit out on, sunbathe on it, and enjoy its lush good looks in all weathers. No matter what’s going on, artificial grass stays beautiful 365 days a year and asks for very little in return.

Artificial turf is ideal for gardens of all sizes. Lawns large and small will stay green, gorgeous, and maintenance-free for an astonishing 20 years. Our artificial grass is fully porous and drains like real grass. It’s flexible and follows the contours of your garden like real grass. But, unlike real turf, it keeps its vibrant colour right through wet weather and long, hot dry spells. There’s no watering or feeding required so it’s kinder to the environment.

Can I install artificial grass myself?

Yes, laying artificial grass is easy and many, many successful DIY installations take place each year. If you’re practically minded, you can install Artificial Grass Direct products yourself and achieve great, professional results.

Which artificial grass should I buy?

It depends on your own personal preferences. We carry a wide variety of artificial grass in various shades and styles. Our tough and durable Greenscape grass is perfect for buys households with children or lots of footfall whereas our Striped Grass is ideal for those who want a luxury, freshly mown look all year ’round. We even stock a range of artificial grass designed for pet owners!

How do I lay artificial grass?

Don’t worry if you’re not a DIY expert. With a little patience and forward planning, anybody can install their own artificial grass. Plus, you only need basic tools to lay artificial grass yourself! Visit this site for plenty of help and advice, including a downloadable, step-by-step ‘How to Guide’.

Can artificial turf be laid on any surface?

Artificial grass is versatile enough to be laid on just about any surface. It can be laid on soil, turf, concrete, tarmac, and paving. It copes beautifully with sloping areas and it can even be laid on roof terraces and balconies

For the best results the grass needs to laid in the same direction so you are looking into the pile.

Do artificial lawns need any maintenance?

No, you can say goodbye to your lawn mower, your lawn feed, and your hosepipe. The only thing you need to do to keep your artificial lawn looking its best is to remove any unwanted materials such as leaves and dog mess.

Worried about your artificial grass fading in the sunlight? You’ll be pleased to know that our artificial grass keeps its beautiful colour for many years. That’s because the fibres have been *UV stabilised to comply with quality standard BIN53387.

*Excludes Greenscene

Is artificial grass safe for children and pets?

Yes, absolutely. We design our artificial grasses with safety in mind and to comply to the most stringent safety standards. They have passed hundreds of independent safety tests. Artificial turf won’t graze young skin. Some grasses in our range contain a extra fibre fill layer and thatch structure for extra soft landings.

Which is the best artificial grass for pets?

All our artificial grass is pet friendly and non toxic but we do stock two specialised cuts designed exclusively for pet owners: Introducing our Champion and Best in Show varieties!

Unlike most of our artificial grass, the backings on our Champion and Best in Show varieties are made from Polyurethane instead of latex making it much more durable and helping it to maintain its structural integrity when dealing with playful paws.

You’ll be pleased to know that all of our artificial grasses are very easy to clean and, in most cases, can simply be hosed down. You may want to use a combination of soap and water for areas that have been exposed to dog mess.

How long does fake grass last?

Artificial turf will give you up to 20 years of maintenance-free life depending on the volume of traffic in the area. Fake grass won’t fade or flatten. It is UV stabilised and will retain its colour and integrity season after season.

Is artificial grass guaranteed?

Yes. Artificial Grass Direct guarantees our grasses for five years.

Does artificial grass drain like real grass?

Yes. Artificial grass is fully porous and rainwater drains through it. Independent testing confirms artificial grass’s porosity to BS7044. Just like a garden with grass.

Is artificial grass approved by Local Authorities?

Yes. Artificial Grass Direct grasses carry many quality and safety accreditations and is approved for use by Local Authorities. Architects often specify artificial grass for schools, recreation areas and public buildings.

Is artificial turf environmentally friendly?

Yes. Artificial turf doesn’t need to be watered like real grass. Even in prolonged periods of hot weather, it will stay green and lush without water. It also needs no mowing so there are no clippings to dispose of. You never need to apply potentially dangerous chemical herbicides, pesticides or feeds.

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If you love grass but don’t want the mess, mud and maintenance, Artificial Grass Direct has the perfect grass for you.

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