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Why Choose Artificial Grass

If you love grass but don’t want the mess, mud or maintenance, Artificial Grass Direct has the perfect grass for you.

Gravel and paving may be practical, but only Artificial Grass Direct gives you the perfect lawn – an easy-care surface with the softness, bounce and colour of real grass! The kids and pets can play on it. You can sit out on it, sunbathe on it and enjoy its lush good looks in all weathers.  It doesn’t matter if we are in the midst of a hot dry spell, or a wet winter, artificial grass will stay beautiful 365 days a year with the minimum of maintenance!

Dogs tearing up your lawn?

Dogs love to run around and play, but this can damage natural grass. Artificial grass is durable enough to withstand this. Let your dogs have fun in the garden!

Too much shade from tall trees or walls?

Natural grass needs sunlight. In areas where this is lacking natural grass won’t grow. This can result in it always being a sparse and muddy.

Indoors or under canopies?

Artificial grass doesn’t need sunlight or watering which makes it perfect for creating a garden scene indoors or under a shelter.

Don’t like the look of your concrete or tarmac?

Don’t dig it up, grass over it! Artificial grass will very quickly completely transform the whole area within no time!

Fed up with dragging the lawn mower out every 2 weeks in summer?

Lawn mowing is time consuming. Think of the amount of hours you spend doing chores when you could be enjoying some well-earned free time.

Boggy soil?

Many low lying areas in the UK suffer from boggy soil, which results in watery foot prints on your patio and doorways. Artificial grass alone will not solve drainage issues, but you can have drains installed underneath an artificial grass installation. And even without this, artificial grass will immediately eliminate the risk of mud.

Want the home of your dreams with the perfect garden?

Artificial grass is an amazing accessory to your house. The amazing look of artificial grass can add so much to the overall look of your home.

Want to create the WOW factor in your garden?

Artificial Grass isn’t just Green! We have a massive range of colours available. You can have a red carpet in your garden. You could have football markings. You could have rainbow colours. The only limit is your imagination.

Want to save water?

One of the most heavily irrigated crops in the world is natural grass. Water is becoming an ever more precious commodity. Don’t waste it, artificial grass won’t fade even in the driest of summers.

Don’t want muddy footprint inside?

Especially in winter, and especially if you have children, muddy footprints being traipsed into the house can be a constant nightmare. Artificial grass can eliminate the possibility of this happening.

Fed up with de-weeding?

One of the main benefits of artificial grass is its low maintenance. With natural grass, weeds can be a constant problem. With artificial grass you can say goodbye to this worry.

Want to create a mini garden on your balcony?

Living in a tower doesn’t mean you don’t have to miss out on having a garden. A small piece of artificial grass on your balcony will look amazing and is really easy to install.

Want to transform an unsightly area?

The before and after shot of a grey and unsightly area being installed with artificial grass, can be quite astounding. Unsightly areas can affect our mood and artificial grass is a brilliant way of creating a little spot of paradise, anywhere.

Artificial grass is ideal for gardens and play areas of all sizes – lawns large and small are green, gorgeous and maintenance-free for decades.

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Our Range of Best Selling Artificial Grass

Monarch 1


New Monarch

RRP £14.00 (inc. VAT)
Now £9.25 / m2 (inc. VAT)
Aspire 1



RRP £13.00 (inc. VAT)
Now £5.60 / m2 (inc. VAT)
limited stock
imperial 1


New Majestic

RRP £21.00 (inc. VAT)
Now £12.75 / m2 (inc. VAT)
Elite 1



RRP £31.00 (inc. VAT)
Now £22.90 / m2 (inc. VAT)
Nassella 1



RRP £15.75 (inc. VAT)
Now £9.98 / m2 (inc. VAT)
Splendour 1



RRP £28.95 (inc. VAT)
Now £22.10 / m2 (inc. VAT)
E19 G2 Gros Above LR 45mm


Grandeur 2.0

RRP £31.95 (inc. VAT)
Now £21.80 / m2 (inc. VAT)
Sherwood 1



RRP £18.50 (inc. VAT)
Now £15.20 / m2 (inc. VAT)
Absolute Play Above
Absolute Play 1


Absolute Play

RRP £23.95 (inc. VAT)
Now £17.60 / m2 (inc. VAT)
Prestige 2


New Prestige

RRP £27.55 (inc. VAT)
Now £15.26 / m2 (inc. VAT)
colours 2019 square 2
Cathedral Gardens Edited Aerial Image (1)


Rainbow Range – Coloured Artificial Grass

RRP £37.50 (inc. VAT)
Now £18.50 / m2 (inc. VAT)
Garden Fresh Above LR
Garden Fresh Corner 2 LR


Garden Fresh

RRP £32.95 (inc. VAT)
Now £21.30 / m2 (inc. VAT)
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If you love grass but don’t want the mess, mud and maintenance, Artificial Grass Direct has the perfect grass for you.

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They were very helpful and gave us good advice and information which we could use to order items correctly. The pric...

Debra Keable

4th June 2023

Great quality and fast delivery, second time I have used them.

Matthew Page

21st May 2023

Perfect for what we delivery would recommend

julie mckay

12th May 2023

Excellent grass , delivery takes 5 days so allow a week minimum


9th May 2023

Saved myself about £1200 laying it myself. It’s hard graft but easy enough with a sharp Stanley blade. Looks great do...

Abigail Gee

7th May 2023

Kept me updated of likely delivery dates. Delivered exactly what was order to the place where I requested and is now ...

Leanne Ridge

27th April 2023

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