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Artificial Grass for Dogs

We have a comprehensive range of products that are tailor-made for artificial grass lawns that dogs will be playing on. We are the experts when it comes to artificial grass for dogs.

Our innovative range of products are designed to help eliminate smells and odours from dog urine. We offer specially designed artificial grasses that are purpose-built to accommodate dogs.

DIY Guide for Dog Owners
Follow our 8 step guide for installing your own Artificial Grass Lawn for dogs.

  1. If you’re completing an artificial grass for dogs installation, make sure you use this handy DIY guide.
  2. 1. Remove Top Soil

    First things first, like every artificial grass installation you will need to remove the top layer of soil. For an artificial grass for dogs installation, you will need to remove 40mm of topsoil. Slightly more than a normal installation.

  3. 2. Geo-Stabalise

    Secure your foundations. The ground in your garden can have slightly different levels of density from one area to the next. The ground can also move slightly over time. This can create sinkage resulting in dips in your artificial grass.

  4. So after you have cut away the existing turf, the first thing to do is lay down a Geo-Stabilising Membrane.
  5. 3. Concrete Haunch

    As there is a risk of dogs pulling up the artificial turf, we recommend using a concrete haunch instead of fixing pins. The concrete haunch should be 100mm wide and follow the perimeter of the installation. The concrete should be viscous enough and not flow into the centre of the excavated area. The artificial grass will be glued to this later.

  6. 4. Grano Sub-Base

    For an optimum installation, we recommend using a sub-base consisting of a graded Grano which is 6mm to dust. This is for best results as the dust will provide good density to the sub-base whilst the larger rocks allow good drainage. You will need to fill 35mm worth of Grano.

  7. 5. ZeoStop Sub-Base

    Now it’s time for the miracle element – ZeoStop. Spread 5Kg/m2 of ZeoStop over the Grano. You will need to apply another 5Kg/m2 over the artificial grass later.

  8. The ZeoStop will capture any ammonia particles from your dogs wee. This will prevent smells occurring. Then, once it rains, the rainwater will wash away this ammonia, meaning that the ammonia will never be airborne and, the ZeoStop is reset ready to absorb more ammonia.
  9. 6. Artificial Grass

    We have two artificial grasses that are specifically designed for artificial grass for dogs installations.

  10. Pet Play– 36mm
  11. Pet Play Plus – 40mm

Both have a tall pile height which allow them to accommodate an in-fill. They both have a Polyurethane backing which is more durable than normal and can help prevent smells.

Lay the grass on top of the ZeoStop in the normal way. Don’t place a weed membrane under the artificial grass as this can harbour smells. Glue the perimeter to the concrete haunch.

  1. 7. ZeoStop In-Fill

    As well as 5Kg/m2 of ZeoStop underneath the grass, you will also need to sprinkle 5Kg/m2 on top of the grass, as an in-fill. Our specialised dog grasses have long enough pile heights to completely hide this ZeoStop so you won’t see it.

  2. 8. Enjoy

    Lastly, sit back and enjoy your new garden – smell free!

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Pet Play Plus

Pet Play