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We have a comprehensive range of products that are tailor-made for artificial grass lawns that dogs will be playing on. We are the experts when it comes to artificial grass for dogs.

Our innovative range of products are designed to help eliminate smells and odours from dog urine and protect your lawn from the wears and tears of dogs playing on it. We offer a specially designed artificial grass system that is purpose-built to accommodate dogs on your artificial grass lawn.

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Why Artificial Grass Direct?

  • Purpose Built Artificial Grass system
  • Self-Cleansing Miracle Agent ZeoZorb
  • Help Eliminate Smells from Dogs
  • Help Eliminate Mess

DIY Guide for Dog Owners

If you’re completing an artificial grass for dogs installation, here’s a handy DIY guide.

  1. Remove Top Soil

    First things first, like every artificial grass installation you will need to remove the top layer of soil. For an artificial grass for dogs installation, you will need to remove 40mm of topsoil. Slightly more than a normal installation.

  2. Geo-stabilise with our Weed Membrane

    Our weed membrane has 2 functions. One is to prevent weeds from growing through the drainage holes in your artificial grass. The second is to act as a Geo-Stabilising membrane, which means it stabilises the ground.

    The ground in your garden can have slightly different levels of density from one area to the next. The ground can also move slightly over time. This can create sinkage resulting in dips in your artificial grass.

    So after you have cut away the existing turf, the first thing to do is lay down a Geo-Stabilising Membrane.

  3. Edging

    As there is a risk of dogs pulling up the artificial turf, there are a couple of solutions to prevent this. Our Steel Edging strips and our VertEdge are designed to securely maintain a perfect edge. If your dogs are smaller, then fixing pins around the perimeter may suffice. Alternatively, you can also create a concrete haunch. This is a concrete outline to the installation that the grass is then glued to.

  4. Grano Sub-Base

    For an optimum installation, we recommend using a sub-base consisting of a graded Grano which is 6mm to dust. This is for best results as the dust will provide good density to the sub-base whilst the larger rocks allow good drainage. You will need to fill 35mm worth of Grano. However Sharp Sand is also a potential alternative.

  5. ZeoZorb Sub-Base

    Now it’s time for the miracle element – ZeoZorb. Spread 5Kg/m2 of ZeoZorb over the Grano. You will need to apply another 5Kg/m2 over the artificial grass later.

    The ZeoZorb will capture any ammonia particles from your dog’s wee. This will prevent smells occurring. Then, once it rains, the rainwater will wash away this ammonia, meaning that the ammonia will never be airborne and, the ZeoZorb is reset ready to absorb more ammonia.

  6. Artificial Grass

    We have an artificial grass that are specifically designed for artificial grass for dogs installations.

    Pet 28 – 28mm

    Pet 28 has a tall enough pile height which allows it to accommodate an in-fill. It also has a Polyurethane backing which is more durable than normal and can help prevent smells.

    Lay the grass on top of the ZeoZorb in the normal way.

  7. ZeoZorb In-Fill

    As well as 5Kg/m2 of ZeoZorb underneath the grass, you will also need to sprinkle 5Kg/m2 on top of the grass, as an in-fill. Pet 28 has a long enough pile height to completely hide this ZeoZorb so you won’t see it.

  8. Enjoy

    Lastly, sit back and enjoy your new garden – smell free!

  9. For more information call us direct
    0845 177 1664

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If you love grass but don’t want the mess, mud and maintenance, Artificial Grass Direct has the perfect grass for you.

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Ceirion Evans

17th October 2021

great product easy to lay i did it my self and i am 83 years old no more mowing

Ivor Howse

10th October 2021

Received my order from your company, very efficient and pleased with the product. Will certainly consider your compan...

Geoffrey Evans

30th September 2021

Easy ordering. Most helpful driver it has been my pleasure to meet and the item is so very good. If I was to mark th...

Derek rose

22nd September 2021

Smooth easy process from ordering to delivery. Grass is exactly as described and perfect for my needs. Recommended


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Very good quality and good value for money easy to ✂️ I would recommend

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21st September 2021

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