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Artificial Grass For Dogs

We have a comprehensive range of products that are tailor-made for artificial grass lawns that dogs will be playing on. We are the experts when it comes to artificial grass for dogs.

Our innovative range of pet-friendly products is designed to help eliminate smells and odours from dog urine and protect your lawn from the wear and tear of dogs playing on it. We offer a specially designed artificial grass system that is purpose-built to accommodate dogs on your artificial grass lawn.

Your pets will love our non-abrasive artificial grass and will enjoy many years of playing on this extremely durable surface.

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Why Choose Our Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass?

  • Purpose Built Artificial Grass system
  • Self-Cleansing Miracle Agent ZeoZorb
  • Help Eliminate Smells from Dogs
  • Mess Free Garden
  • Low Maintenance
  • Safe materials
  • Avoid Muddy Paws
  • Pets won't be digging holes
  • Long Term Durability

DIY Fake Grass Installation Guide for Pet Owners

If you’re completing an artificial grass for dogs installation, here’s a handy DIY guide.

  1. Remove Top Soil

    First things first, like every artificial grass installation you will need to remove the turf and the top layer of soil. For an artificial grass for dogs installation, you will need to remove 40mm of topsoil. Slightly more than a normal installation.

  2. Geo-stabilise with our Weed Membrane

    Our weed membrane has 2 functions. One is to prevent weeds from growing through the drainage holes in your artificial grass. The second is to act as a Geo-Stabilising membrane, which means it stabilises the ground.

    The ground in your garden can have slightly different levels of density from one area to the next. The ground can also move slightly over time. This can create sinkage resulting in dips in your artificial grass.

    So after you have cut away the existing turf, the first thing to do is lay down a Geo-Stabilising Membrane.

  3. Edging

    As there is a risk of dogs pulling up the artificial turf, there are a couple of solutions to prevent this. Our Steel Edging strips and our VertEdge are designed to securely maintain a perfect edge. If your dogs are smaller, then fixing pins around the perimeter may suffice. Alternatively, you can also create a concrete haunch. This is a concrete outline to the installation that the grass is then glued to.

  4. Grano Sub-Base

    For an optimum installation, we recommend using a sub-base consisting of a graded Grano which is 6mm to dust. This is for best results as the dust will provide good density to the sub-base whilst the larger rocks allow good drainage. You will need to fill 35mm worth of Grano. However Sharp Sand is also a potential alternative.

  5. ZeoZorb Sub-Base

    Now it’s time for the miracle element – ZeoZorb. Spread 5Kg/m2 of ZeoZorb over the Grano. You will need to apply another 5Kg/m2 over the artificial grass later.

    The ZeoZorb will capture any ammonia particles from your dog’s wee. This will prevent smells occurring. Then, once it rains, the rainwater will wash away this ammonia, meaning that the ammonia will never be airborne and, the ZeoZorb is reset ready to absorb more ammonia.

  6. Artificial Grass

    We have an artificial grass that are specifically designed for artificial grass for dogs installations.

    Pet 28 – 28mm

    Pet 28 has a tall enough pile height which allows it to accommodate an in-fill. It also has a Polyurethane backing which is more durable than normal and can help prevent smells.

    Lay the grass on top of the ZeoZorb in the normal way.

  7. ZeoZorb In-Fill

    As well as 5Kg/m2 of ZeoZorb underneath the grass, you will also need to sprinkle 5Kg/m2 on top of the grass, as an in-fill. Pet 28 has a long enough pile height to completely hide this ZeoZorb so you won’t see it.

  8. Enjoy

    Lastly, sit back and enjoy your new garden – smell free!

  9. For more information call us direct
    0800 035 3357

Our Range of Pet Friendly Artificial Grass Products

Pet 28


Pet 30

£19.33 (inc. VAT)

Pet 30 is a fantastic artificial grass that combines luxury looks and texture with technical design feature...

ZeoZorb 25Kg Bag 4

ZeoZorb 25Kg Bag

£51.24/Bag (inc. VAT)

ZeoZorb is a special substance that is used alongside artificial grass to help eliminate odours from pet we...

VertEdge 1


From £239.40 / m2 (inc. VAT)

VertEdge is a cost-effective, easy to use, and effective accessory, for creating the perfect edging for you...

Polyurethane Adhesive – 310ml Tube

£6.6 (inc. VAT)

A one part polyurethane adhesive specially designed for bonding artificial grass to seam jointing tapes and...



Pet 33

RRP £34.99 (inc. VAT)
Now £8.57 / m2 (inc. VAT)

Our Pet 33 is a brilliant addition to our range of artificial grasses. It perfectly compliments our ZeoZorb...

fragranced artificial grass cleaner

Fragranced Artificial Grass Cleaner

RRP £83.96 (inc. VAT)
Now £54.99 / m2 (inc. VAT)

Our Fragranced Artificial Grass Cleaner is a game-changer for artificial lawn maintenance. Specially formul...

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Artificial Grass For Dogs?

If you’re done dealing with muddy paws, holes in your backyard, and patchy grass, then artificial grass is the way to go.

Unlike other artificial grass, our range of pet-friendly products is made with our loyal companions in mind. Our synthetic pet grass is extremely durable and easy to install. We also provide an anti-odour solutions system and our fake grass is safe for even the most sensitive pet paws.

How Much Does Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass Cost?

The cost depends on the type of grass you choose and how much land you need to cover. Fortunately, our high-quality grass is still affordable and we have options to fit any budget. We charge per square metre, with prices ranging from £10 to £25 and up.

You can request a free sample to get a feel for the grass of your choice before making a purchase.

What Thickness Of Artificial Grass Is Best For Dogs?

The recommended artificial grass thickness for dogs is between 20 and 35 mm, but it’s not a steadfast rule. As long as the grass is durable, it should easily handle dogs. For example, our pet grass is purpose-built to handle pet pawing, playing, and digging without losing its lustre.

Is Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass Suitable For Rabbits?

Our pet-friendly grass is perfect for rabbit owners! Installing artificial grass outside or in their hutch is a great way to expand their play zone and bring them joy.

Our grass is non-toxic and safe for even the most sensitive paws. Rabbits also aren’t likely to eat the grass. While grass and artificial grass look similar to us, rabbits can definitely tell the difference.

Still, if your rabbit loves to chew on anything, get a free sample and see how they react to the grass.

How Do You Clean Artificial Grass For Pets?

We recommend adding ZeoZorb below your artificial grass to prevent any pee odours. ZeoZorb absorbs ammonia particles and keeps them from odorizing. It stays trapped until it rains, which is when the odours are washed away, and the ZeoZorb resets for the next round.

For faeces, you can just use a paper towel or a scoop to pick them up. You can also hose off your grass with water as you see fit.

Can Dog Fleas Live In Artificial Grass?

While it’s not completely impossible, it’s very, very unlikely. Fleas need damp environments with organic matter to live, breed, and feed, things they can’t get from artificial grass.

The only time you might have to worry about fleas would be if your yard has a lot of fallen leaves or other organic matter they could get a hold of. But, even then, it would need to be a lot more than any one yard has.

Can Dogs Burn Their Paws On Artificial Grass?

Not on ours, they won’t. Certain types of turf contain bits of black tire rubber, which absorbs a fair share of heat. It can make turf so hot pets burn their paws on it.

But our turf is made specifically with pets in mind. The turf in our shop is made from high-quality, safe materials that are non-abrasive and safe for all pet’s paws, no matter the weather. With us, your dog can enjoy as many sunny days as they want to. In case of extreme temperatures, some light water sprinkling over the grass will help cool it down whilst your dog plays outside.

What Is The Best Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass?

Our artificial grass “Pet 28” is the most pet-friendly! It might sound biased, but we have the evidence to back it up. Our turf is made from non-toxic materials safe for all pets. It’s also durable, high-quality, and low maintenance.

The best part is our pet system. With a ZeoZorb sub-base, our specially formulated grass, and our installation system, you’ll enjoy mud-free, odour-free, gorgeous grass every day of the year.

Can Dogs Pee And Poop On Artificial Grass?

Yes, dogs can pee and poop on artificial grass just like they would on natural grass. When installing your pet-friendly grass, lay a sub-base of Grano and ZeoZorb for great drainage and odour absorption. This way, your dog can pee on the artificial grass without leaving behind urine odours. And when the rain comes, it will be washed away from the sub-base.

You can also easily pick up faeces as you would in a normal yard and hose the grass every other day for maximum cleaning. It’s low maintenance and extremely convenient.

Is Artificial Grass Safe For Dogs?

Yes, our artificial grass is safe for dogs. Our pet-friendly turf is made from high-quality materials that are safe from all pets. We don’t coat our grass with toxic chemicals or other harmful substances.

Our grass is also made from non-abrasive materials. When your dog plays, digs, and skids on our grass, they’ll be safe from paw burns and other scratches.

How To Clean Artificial Grass From Dog Urine

There are two main ways to clean dog urine from artificial grass. The first way is with water. Take your hose pipe and rinse your grass when appropriate. If it rains often, you don’t have to worry about this step.

The second method doesn’t require you to do anything because our turf is built to be convenient and has an effective self-cleaning method.

We use ZeoZorb, a substance specifically formulated to capture ammonia and its odour. The urine is captured and held by ZeoZorb until it rains, which is when it washes away, leaving you odour and stain-free.

Does Artificial Grass Smell With Dogs?

Our self-cleaning drainage system and ZeoZorb effectively manages and removes pet odours when it rains. Combine this with semi-regular hosing, and you’ll never have to deal with grass that smells a little funky.  It’s one of the biggest reasons our clients choose our pet-friendly turf.

How Long Does Fake Grass For Dogs Last?

Depending on how much traffic and playtime your grass sees, it can last up to 20 years with almost no maintenance. The high-quality turf materials guarantee years of turf that never flattens and the UV stabilisers ensure the grass won’t fade in the sunlight.

Artificial grass does smell with dogs if they wee on it without zeozorb. So it will smell unless you use our artificial grass.

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If you love grass but don’t want the mess, mud and maintenance, Artificial Grass Direct has the perfect grass for you.

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