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Classic Grass:


Specially Designed for Dogs:


Landscaper / BuilderDomesticOther
Complete a DIY InstallComplete an Installation for Someone ElseOther
ClassicProGrassSpeciality Artificial Grass
Classic Includes:
- Greenscene
- Aspire
- Nassella
- Sherwood
- New Majestic
ProGrass Includes:
- Absolute Play
- Splendour
- Prestige
- Elegance
- Elite
- Grandeur 2.0
- Country Club
Speciality Artificial Grass Includes (Please specify in comments):
- Pet 28
- Miracle Grass
- Fire Retardant Artificial Grass
- Rainbow Range (Orange, Lime, Purple, Red, Dark Blue, Chocolate, Turquoise, Pink, White, Light Grey, Black, Dark Grey)
- Adventure - (Light Green, Dark Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black)