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Will My Pets Like Artificial Grass? Of Course!

A question we get asked a countless amount of times…

Will my pets like artificial grass?

The answer is they will love it!

By having an Artificial Lawn, it means your pets can go out and run around your garden without then treading muddy paw prints all over your house. They won’t notice the difference and will be more than happy to romp around your new lawn just like they would natural grass. In fact, they will most likely prefer Artificial Grass due to the softness of the yarn.

No matter what time of year it may be or whatever the weather decides to throw at us, your pets can go out and enjoy their time in the garden. Artificial Grass is a perfect way to encourage your pets to get outside and exercise without them having to avoid muddy puddles and bogs.

In recent times, we’ve noticed a big surge in Doggy Day Care and Dog Play Parks who are using Artificial Grass – we think this speaks for itself!

How will they feel about going to the toilet on it?

In short, they won’t notice the difference!

Artificial Grass looks and feels just like natural grass, they will happily do their business without a problem. The turf is easy to clean and allows liquids to drain straight through without issues. The grass won’t be affected by this either, so you can say goodbye to patchy lawns.

Request your free samples and ensure you have a beautiful looking lawn all year round that not only you, but your pets can enjoy too.