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Is Artificial Grass Right For Me?

For many people, making the switch to artificial grass is a big decision and can take a lot of consideration. If you’re struggling to decide whether artificial grass is right for you, read our quick guide to help you decide!

Artificial grass is right for you if….

…you can’t maintain natural grass

With almost zero maintenance, artificial grass is ideal for elderly homeowners who simply don’t have the ability to spend time mowing, fertilising and watering a natural grass lawn. It is also a great option for those who travel or are away from home a lot.

…you’re sick of mud and mess

Artificial grass means no mud! If you have pets you will know how quickly muddy paw prints can appear on the carpets. With artificial grass you and your pets will benefit from clean paws, even during wet weather.

…you love the look of natural grass

Artificial grass from AGD is fully porous and drains just like real grass. It’s flexible and follows the contours of your garden but unlike real turf, it keeps its vibrant colour right through the year. 

…you can’t grow grass

It doesn’t matter how big or small your garden is (or if you have one at all!) artificial grass can be laid on any area, staying gorgeous and maintenance-free for an astounding 20 years! 

…you love spending time in your garden

When you install artificial grass your kids and pets can play on it. You can sit out and sunbathe on it, host barbecues, garden parties and enjoy outdoor fun and games with the kids. No matter what’s going on in your garden, artificial grass stays beautiful 365 days a year and asks for very little in return. 

…you want to do your bit for the environment

When you install artificial grass you eliminate…

  • Harmful chemical pesticides, herbicides & fertilisers used on lawns, which can poison ground water and run into our rivers
  • Toxic pollution released by petrol lawnmowers
  • Grass clippings, which are amongst the biggest landfill contributors to the greenhouse effect

…you want to save money on maintenance costs

When you purchase artificial grass you could essentially wave goodbye to expensive grass-related maintenance costs attached to mowing, fertilising and watering. As soon as you have installed your artificial grass lawn you will no longer have to fork out to maintain the desired appearance of your lawn.

The truth is, artificial grass is the right choice for anyone looking to reduce mud, mess and maintenance in the garden.

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