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Top Artificial Grass for Landscapers

As we are a supply only company and don’t offer installation, we work with a huge network of landscapers spanning the country in our Recommended Landscaper scheme to ensure our customers get the best possible installer when purchasing from us.

As a Recommended Landscaper with us, you will receive quality leads for jobs in your area once we’ve seen the quality of your work. If you’re new to the world of Artificial Grass, you may wonder what products are best which is why we have put together a short guide on the products we suggest reselling to your customers.

We recommend having a smaller range to what we offer whilst still having a good offering in terms of pile height and quality. Of course, our landscapers can purchase any of our grasses, but we want to make this as easy as possible for you which is why we recommend only offering a smaller amount to your customers.

Here are our most popular choices by landscapers:


Our Greenscape product is a short, clipped 20mm product which is a great alternative to real turf. Sitting at the lower end of our range, this is a great value for money lawn whilst not compromising on the quality. With the shorter pile it makes it easier to clean which is great for pet owners.


Majestic is a stunning 35mm product with a soft and springy feel. It has a dense pile with a light brown thatch and a memory yarn to ensure it doesn’t look flat.


Feedback from our Landscapers has shown that this is without a doubt a best seller of the future. Parkland has a 35mm multidirectional pile to give it a more open and natural texture. It’s suitable for all areas but we have found this is a good option for families.

New Regent

Our very popular Regent grass has been given a refresh for our 2017 range. It has a long 40mm multi-tone pile to give a spring like luscious lawn all year round. This is a top of the range grass but is still a great option for all areas.


This is brand new for our 2017 range and it definitely stands out from the crowd. It is extremely soft to touch with a velvety texture and immaculate finish. The 40mm bi-coloured pile ensures it’s place as a best in show grass.

We hope this helps you, but if you have any further questions just get in touch with our friendly sales team who will be happy to help.