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Create an Artificial Grass Rooftop Garden

Artificial grass gardens have become popular throughout the world; however, a growing trend is creating a garden on rooftops.

Turning an empty rooftop space into a garden is a perfect idea/ solution for everybody.

Learn why…


If you live in the city, you will understand how finding a house, with an outdoor garden is near impossible. Similarly, if you live in a busy area then finding a house with a large open space is hard to come by. Instead of paying a significant amount of money for a larger house with a garden, become creative and use the space you have.

A rooftop garden allows you to sit outside and enjoy the weather come rain or shine. Your guests will also be impressed at your unique and clever approach to turn an unused area into an enviable garden.


When you hear a house has a garden, you are not shocked, impressed or taken back, as the majority of houses in the UK do have gardens. However, when you hear a house has a rooftop garden, then you suddenly become curious and intrigued as to what the garden looks like.

Not only are you differentiating your house from your neighbours and friend’s houses, you are creating something that is relevant and useful!


Bars, pubs and restaurants constantly have new and old competitors that they need to compete with daily. In order to keep profits up and maintain an edge, you need to offer something unique and exciting, which is where a rooftop bar comes into the picture. Customers are going to choose to have a drink on a rooftop bar, rather than inside the pub next door (especially on a sunny day!) By being proactive and different, you suddenly have a new fan base while keeping your local and loyal customers happy.

Whether you own a house, flat or business, we have a type of fake grass just for you. Call AGD today and start creating an outside area you can be proud of!