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How to Keep Your Artificial Grass Perfect Through Autumn and Winter

The time of year has come where your garden experiences the dreaded autumn and winter weather. Leaves are falling, snow has arrived in certain parts of the UK and the cold weather is not going anytime soon.

Even though you can not control what the weather does, you can minimise and prevent any damage occurring on your artificial grass by following these tips:

Removing leaves

It is inevitable that you will find leaves covering your lawn during autumn and in order to ensure your artificial lawn stays in perfect condition, you will need to remove any leaves. You can use a leaf blower, remove by hand or brush away the leaves. When leaves are left on the surface of your lawn, they begin to rot which can have an effect on the drainage. At minimum, brush your lawn once a month, however here at AGD, we recommend brushing weekly; this way the fibres will stay upright and your lawn will look faultless.

Removing snow, ice and frost

When the temperature falls, frost and ice will appear. This will melt naturally in a short amount of time, whereas snow gathers for a longer period. The snow will then turn into a layer of ice which will collect over your lawn. We recommend leaving the ice to melt, rather than remove it manually; this will prevent the fibres within the artificial grass becoming damaged.

Heavy items

Even though there is little need for an inflatable swimming pool, flower pots and other summer items this time of year, you may place up a gazebo or table and chairs if hosting a party. When you remove the heavy items, make sure you brush the fibres upright again by using a broom to prevent the imprint staying visible.

Avoid hot items

This is applicable all year round. Barbecues, bonfires, fireworks and ashes from cigarettes must not have direct contact with your artificial grass. This could cause the grass to melt and the fibres will become damaged.

For more advice on how to keep your artificial grass lush and green through these seasons, get in touch with AGD.