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How to lay artificial grass onto decking

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In the last decade, decking has been a popular choice for many homeowners looking to create a unique outdoor space. However, over the years, decking can start to look worn and outdated. Artificial grass is a great way to update your decking and create a fresh, new look that will last for years. 

Covering your tired decking with Artificial Grass is a perfect, simple and effective way of brightening up your outdoor space. Not only will it transform the look of the garden, but it will also provide you with a soft, dry and usable space that the whole family can enjoy.

How do you lay artificial grass on decking boards?

Before we get started with our step-by-step guide, we have a couple of pieces of advice for you.

Choosing your artificial grass

A couple of things you may wish to consider before installing Artificial Grass onto decking is the gaps on your decking – if you choose a shorter piled artificial grass you may see the dips across the lawn so choosing a product with a pile of 30mm and above would be better for you. 

There are other options to stop the dips which include; flat plywood laid on top of the decking, or a shock-pad underlay.

Don’t forget about drainage

You need to consider drainage too – if the surface is completely flat with no gradient and we have a large downpour you may start to see puddles. Obviously, if it does have a gradient, the water will run off the lawn with no problem. You also need to be conscious of this when applying your adhesive as you don’t want to trap the water completely so it’s important to leave gaps in the glue.

That being said, fitting artificial grass onto decking is a lot easier than you may think! Please follow our below step-by-step guide to achieve the perfect finish.

Tools & Materials for the job

Step 1: Clean up the decking boards.

Use a brush or power washer to remove any dirt, moss, weed or debris from the decking boards. This will ensure that the artificial grass has a clean and level surface to be laid on.

Step 2: Cut the fake grass and the underlay to size.

Using your tape measure and a cutting knife, cut the artificial grass to size. Make sure to leave a few inches extra on all sides, just to give you some wiggle room.

Step 3: Lay down the shockpad underlay and secure it

Roll out the shockpad underlay and cut to size, using your knife or scissors. This will provide a soft and spongy surface for the artificial grass to be laid on. After that, use either a staple or a nail gun to fix the underlay onto the decking.

Step 4: Lay down the synthetic grass and secure it

Roll out the artificial grass on top of the shockpad underlay. You can make sure it’s completely flat by walking over it and leaving it to settle for a couple of hours. Once you’re happy with the position, use some joining tape and adhesive to join any pieces of fake lawn together. Using any fixing system of your choice (staples, nails, fixing pins or even glue), fix the brand new faux grass onto the decking.

Important Note: We often get asked about a sand in-fill. This is not needed. Sand or rubber-crumb in-fills are only ever used in sports environments. The only exception to this is using sand to add weight to artificial grass to protect against windy conditions. Modern artificial grasses include a thatch. This is a layer of curled brown blades that not only add realism but also give structure to the artificial grass, which was one of the original reasons older artificial grasses used sand.

Final step:  Enjoy your new outdoor space!

Give your new artificial grass a little brush, to get rid of loose fibres and give the grass blades a little lift. And that’s it! You’ve now successfully laid artificial grass on decking. All left to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your new outdoor space!

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts.

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