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Artificial Grass Installed in Indoor Dog Park

Here at AGD we’re always shouting about the benefits of artificial grass for pet owners, but it seems like the trend is finally catching on!

An indoor dog-walking park, filled with 20,000 sq. ft. of artificial grass has recently opened in Cardiff to give owners a chance to walk their pooches without having to face the city’s notorious downpours of rain.

The park, which opened its doors three months ago, includes a selection of toys, tunnels, jumps, sleeping areas and a fly ball play zone for dogs to enjoy.

The addition of artificial grass, park benches, plants and trees all contribute to the surroundings of the park which has been designed to mimic a natural environment as much as possible.

More than 600 owners have signed up to the centre already, which is the first of its kind in the UK.

Dog owner Shelley Redding, who opened the park said: “This is the first centre of its kind. Our aim is to ensure that dogs have the time of their lives. We have structured play sessions will mean that dogs are blissfully happy and tired out from their day of play.

“We absolutely promise that you won’t get rained on in our park, and as for mud – well there isn’t any”

While your furry friend may be happy to spend time outside on a wet evening, owners often find themselves in a never-ending battle with mucky paws.

Installing artificial grass in any area is the perfect solution for both pets and their owners.

Even when the rain pours, artificial turf provides a clean alternative to natural grass which can become muddy and boggy within seconds of your pet going outside.

Dog owners might worry how their animal will react to artificial turf but the reality is that fake grass is non-toxic and completely safe for pets to run around and play on, making it the ideal choice for an indoor play centre.

Shelley went on to explain  “It has been very popular because it is dry and safe in here for people and their pets.

Dogs often treat artificial turf just like the real thing – you’ll be surprised at how soft and enjoyable artificial grass is for your dog to run around on.

Artificial grass from AGD is a great way to encourage pets to exercise outside, without having to contend with the problems caused by puddles and muddy bogs.

If you’re looking to install a fake lawn for your pet to play on then look no further than Artificial Grass Direct – call us on 0845 177 1664 to find out more.