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Artificial Grass Swimming Pool Surround

Imagine having the luxury of sinking your feet into soft grass as you lounge by your pool on a hot summers day. Well now you can have that realistic look and feel along with the zero maintenance. Artificial Grass Direct can offer you the very best artificial grass to go around your pool.

We provide a wide range of turf available to suit any swimming pool design. Durable and reliable, artificial turf will withstand heavy use, and tolerate water splashes and salt/chlorine content, giving you a great looking pool area all year round.

One of the biggest downsides of having an outdoor pool is getting dirty after a swim, however when you lay artificial grass around a pool area you’ll no longer have to worry about mud or dirt when you get out. Real grass can often get ruined or discoloured by chairs, tables or sun loungers causing expensive maintenance. With artificial grass you can relax by the poolside on a perfectly maintained grass carpet without worrying about damaging it.

If you have kids you’ll be aware of the problems that can arise when they are playing round the poolside. Artificial grass acts a slip proof surface for your pool, however in the event they should they take a tumble around the edge, synthetic grass provides a much softer landing surface than concrete or tile. Plus you can finally say goodbye to kids muddy footprints traipsing through the house after a dip – artificial grass means no mud and no mess.

In addition to all this artificial grass needs no mowing, you wont have to worry about scooping grass clippings out of the water either – your artificial grass maintains itself all year round.

Take a look at some of our ranges – our most popular and natural looking choice Supergrass is now available on sale, and is perfect for swimming pool surrounds and more!