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Make the move to Artificial Grass

It’s the start of a new year, which means it’s always a good time to make a change. What better chance to make than making the move to Artificial Grass and transforming your garden.

If you’ve never had Artificial Grass before, the thought maybe a bit daunting – but you shouldn’t be worried. Artificial Grass is a great move to make; it means you can have a perfect lawn all year round without the worry of having to mow your lawn.

We know you want a product that will look and feel as good, if not better than a real lawn which is why we have an extensive range of grasses so you’re bound to find one that fits your tastes. We purchase all grass components to ensure all of our grasses are to the very best standards.

If you’re worried about fitting the Artificial Grass yourself, we can recommend a landscaper in your area. Artificial Grass Direct have a large network of landscapers we have worked with over the years and we’re happy to pass on recommendations.

We offer a free sample pack to make your decision easier so you can look and feel the product before you buy.

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