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Unusual Uses of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is mainly used in the garden due to its similarity to grass. However, this versatile product is becoming a popular surface and solution for other applications.


When the waves are choppy and your boat becomes covered in water then you suddenly are faced with a hazardous walkway. The chances of you slipping, falling and hurting yourself significantly increase, which is why boat owners have turned to artificial grass as a solution. Artificial grass is durable and slip resistant which means your chances of falling and hurting yourself are considerably lower.

In the house

Artificial grass has become widely used inside the house rather than outside. A playroom for young children is the most popular option, as the artificial grass is a soft surface to land on and it also brightens up the room! Artificial Grass Direct offer different coloured artificial grass to add colour and fun to the play area.


Using artificial grass on items in the house has become a fashionable trend, these furniture trends range from chairs to cabinets as the artificial grass adds character and an outdoorsy feel to the house without looking out of place. Your options are endless with artificial grass as you can even use a table runner to add excitement to dinner parties or add cushions made from artificial grass in your conservatory for a summer feel all year round.


A pond is a great visual attraction for a garden, but when the pond floods due to heavy rainfall, the grass surrounding the pond becomes muddy, slippery and unsightly. Artificial grass allows you to walk barefoot and not slip and leave with your feet covered in mud. The artificial grass will also look perfect all year round with little maintenance needed, meaning you can spend more time relaxing by the pond.

These are just a few of many unique uses associated with artificial grass, if you have other uses you would like to share, then tweet us @GrassDirect.