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What’s The Secret to a Truly Low Maintenance Garden?

Winter is rapidly approaching and with the days getting shorter and colder every day, most of us will be wanting to wrap up warm and stay indoors…But what does that mean for our lawns?

During the winter months, gardening and lawn care is essential but can become a real chore.

But what if you could escape it…what’s the secret to a truly low maintenance garden?!

For anyone dreading stepping outside to mow the grass this winter, AGD have the perfect solution to maintain an immaculate lawn without the hard work.

More and more people are turning to artificial grass as an easy way to preserve a beautiful green garden all year long.

When you install artificial grass you won’t need to mow, water or fertilise the turf to ensure it stays looking freshly laid. Grass from AGD takes care of itself, leaving you to relax and enjoy the winter from inside your home.

Lawn maintenance can also be really costly! Not only do you have to factor in the cost of trimmers, fertilisers and grass seed, gardeners also have to fork out for lawn mower running costs and hefty water bills. Not ideal at a time of year when most of us are trying to save up for the festive season…

We understand that not everyone has the patience or know-how to maintain a healthy looking garden which is why so many people are searching for an alternative.

So you want the answer to a truly low maintenance garden? Make the switch to artificial grass.

Turf from AGD is soft and safe for kids and pets to play, plus with no mud to worry about, there won’t be any muddy winter footprints traipsing through the house!

AGD comes in a variety of ranges, from natural to luxury and hard-wearing.

Why not take a look at what we have to offer and get in touch for a free sample today!

Make the switch to low-maintenance artificial grass and relax at home this winter.