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Natural Turf in Autumn and Winter

Many people tend to avoid getting out in their garden over the colder months which can sometimes result in your lawn becoming neglected; the leaves mount up, the rain falls and your grass slowly turns into mud.

As we’re now in Autumn, you will start to notice your lawn gets covered in leaves is surrounded by trees which is something that can’t be stopped. You can keep on top of this by raking the leaves off on a regular basis, if not you can cause problems. With a layer of leaves on your lawn, this means the grass isn’t gathering the amount of sunlight it needs for photosynthesis which will then cause it to turn brown and potential die.

The rain will also have a bad effect on your lawn. Excessive water can block air gaps which can prevent essential oxygen getting into the soil in order for the grass to grow along with washing away key nutrients needed for growth.

These aren’t the only things you need to be conscious of through winter – frost and snow can also be a killer for your natural lawn.

In order to keep up with the negative effects Autumn and Winter have on your lawn, you’ll need to regularly rake the lawn, ensure drainage isn’t blocked in any way, continue to mow and also add grass seeds or fertiliser to enhance growth.

If the added maintenance through Winter doesn’t sound appealing to you, why not consider Artificial Grass? It needs very little cleaning and will continue to look great all year round. Get in touch to request free artificial grass samples.

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