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Gardening Jobs for August

August is quite a simple month in your garden. It’s a time for you to sit back, grab an ice cold drink and enjoy your surroundings – that is if the weather is behaving itself.

In theory, August should be a great month in terms of the weather – but we do live in the UK so anything could happen. If the weather heats up, it’s essential you keep on top of watering any bedding plants, vegetable patches, your lawn, and also keeping bird baths topped up. Damp down your greenhouse on extra hot days to increase the humidity and deter any unwanted mites.

You’ll notice that there’s an increased amount of Ladybirds throughout August – not only do they look pretty, but they are also great for your plants. If you see any Ladybirds, you may wish to very carefully transport them to your greenhouses.

It’s important you prune your summer flowering plants once they’ve finished blooming along with any climbing roses once they’ve finished flowering. Cut back and dead head any flowers to keep borders tidy and also prepare for next year.

Your lawn may start to look dry and brown due to the heat. To give it a boost you may want to give it some lawn feeder or just water it. You will also need to keep on top of mowing as it can soon become overgrown with the warmer climate. If this isn’t for you – you may wish to take a look into Artificial Grass.

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