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Small Garden Design Ideas

In the UK, many homeowners face a similar problem – lack of garden space. Even though you may have all these wonderful visions on how to create the perfect garden, you feel held back as unfortunately space is not on your side.

However, all is not lost, as with a little design help and creative inspiration, you can still have the garden you dream of owning!

Patch of green – A garden, is not a garden without luscious green grass! However, overgrown grass has a tendency to make your outdoors look cluttered and unappealing – exactly what you don’t want. To prevent this from happening, turn to artificial grass. Not only is artificial grass extremely easy to maintain, but it keeps its luscious green colour, texture and length all year round.

Plants – Mix in different textures, colours and variety of plants for a to keep your lawn visually appealing. However, if you do not enjoy gardening, make sure you choose plants that will keep their colour and life for a long time, with little maintenance needed.

Sitting area – Having an area where you can relax outside will encourage you to sit in your garden more often. During the colder months, make sure you have a heater nearby and enough seats for all your guests to enjoy your garden as well!

Lighting – Placing lights in your garden will give the illusion your garden is larger than it is. Tricking the eye with the clever use of lighting can be especially enjoyed during winter due to the evenings coming in dark earlier.

Tip – Terrariums look high maintenance; however little involvement is needed on your part to maintain their beauty. Plus, if you choose a small design, this will not overpower your garden, instead it will give your outdoors more personality and character.


Now you have all the tricks and tips needed to create your dream garden, get started today! Have a browse through all the different artificial grass options available at AGD, or for further advise, get in touch with a member of the team.