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What are the Benefits & Advantages of Artificial Grass?

Making the switch to artificial grass can be a big decision! To make it a little easier we bring you some of the key benefits of buying artificial grass from Artificial Grass Direct…

  • Long lasting – Artificial grass from AGD comes guaranteed for 5 years with approximately 20 years maintenance-free life! Our durable turf will withstand regular use, even in areas of heavy usage such as playgrounds and walkways.
  • No mud! – Whatever the weather throws at it, AGD will never become muddy like natural turf. Just imagine…no more boggy garden puddles and even better – no more dirty footprints traipsing into the house!
  • Low maintenance – Once you have installed your artificial grass, you will only need to carry out light maintenance tasks to keep it looking its best. You can say goodbye to mowing, weeding and fertilising, saving you a great deal of time and money in up-keep. This is particularly useful if regular garden maintenance isn’t possible or practical.
  • Help the environment – You can rest assured that when you install artificial grass the environment will benefit in a number of ways, some of which include; reduced levels of pollution from lawnmowers, reduction in harsh chemicals and less wasted water.
  • No watering – Because artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered like natural turf, you can drastically reduce the amount you spend on your water bills. This is ideal, especially in long period of warm weather or drought where water is particularly scarce.
  • Support a local business – By purchasing your artificial grass from Artificial Grass Direct, you are also supporting a local business. With our headquarters located in Buxton, we are a trusted supplier for a number of local councils, architects, landscapers and homeowners.
  • Take a look at our wide range of range of products to see which range of AGD artificial grass will suit your application best.
  • Should you wish to install you artificial grass yourself, simply take a look at our DIY installation guide for clear, easy to follow instructions!