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Places you wouldn’t think to use Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass has a number of different properties which make it extremely versatile. We’ve seen Artificial Grass be used for a variety of different applications both indoors and outdoors – some we wouldn’t have even thought of!

In your House

Installing Artificial Grass indoors is becoming an extremely popular option – many people use it to create play and themed rooms for their children. Artificial Grass is very soft and bouncy depending on the pile height so it does provide a soft surface for your child to land on. Our range also includes coloured grasses which are a great way of brightening up indoor spaces – not only in your home, but also schools and nurseries.

We’ve also seen it installed in conservatories to help bring a part of the outdoors inside – this is very beneficial for the elderly and disabled who find it difficult to get out and about as it gives them a sense of sitting outdoors with the grass between their toes.

Furniture & Upcycling

Upcycling is a growing trend in the UK and what better way to brighten up your old things than with a bit of Artificial Grass. Due to its soft, dense pile it makes a perfect cushion for seats. We’ve also supplied Artificial Grass as table runners for themed parties.

Ponds, Hot Tubs & Swimming Pools

For those gardens that host a pond, swimming pool or even hot tubs, Artificial Grass can be extremely helpful due to its non-slip properties. Areas like these can soon become flooded and cause a lot of mud and mess around them. Artificial Grass provides you with a soft, non-slip surface you can waltz around on in bare feet without the worry of mud.


Again due to the non-slip properties of Artificial Grass, it is becoming an extremely popular addition to boats – especially canal boats where people live full time. When you’re out on your boat and the waves get choppy the surface can become very slippery and the chance of falling increases. With Artificial Grass, it’ll provide a less slippery surface and your chances of falling are lower. If you do live on a canal boat, you may miss having a garden but with Artificial Grass you can create your own.

These are only a couple of ideas we’ve been involved with – if you can think of anymore get in touch!