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Creative Uses of Fake Lawn

When you hear the words “artificial grass” your mind may automatically think of gardens and sports fields, but you may be shocked to learn that there’s more to artificial grass than having an enviable lawn.

If you are wondering how to bring artificial grass inside, read on to learn about the uses you may not have thought of.

Sports Fans

Wouldn’t it be perfect to have your own putting green inside your home? Now, instead of bracing the cold weather, you can play golf whenever you want! Whether it’s to practice your skills or to simply enjoy the sport, you no longer need to step outside or pray for good weather!

Indoor Flooring

Do you have a man cave that is lacking personality and missing a creative touch? Why not cover the flooring in Artificial Grass? Not only is it easy to clean if there are any spills, it is also the perfect way to bring the outdoors in.

For the Office

If you feel your office lacks character and you are looking for a way to liven it up, artificial grass is the answer. Decorating the break out room in artificial grass will suddenly turn the area into a creative place to come up with ideas and share thoughts.

Dining Table

With Christmas approaching fast, instead of using the same decorations and tableware, consider using a long strip of artificial grass to create a table runner. There’s no doubt your guests will be impressed, so don’t be shocked if they replicate your idea!


Pinterest shows there are no limits when it comes to artificial grass. From phone cases to handbags, to cufflinks and photo frames – the options are endless.

Have you used artificial grass in an ‘unusual’ way? Share a photo with us on Twitter! Or if you are ready to become creative, browse through our variety of high quality and durable artificial grass’.