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Is Artificial Grass The Perfect Answer to Allergies?

There are over 10 million people in the UK that suffer from symptoms of hay fever every year, and around 95 per cent of them are allergic to grass pollen. While many of us look forward to the arrival of the summer sunshine, a lot of people find it difficult to enjoy being outdoors or simply just to appreciate their own back gardens.

During the summer months of May, June, July and August, unending problems of sore eyes, running noses, headaches and poor quality of sleep can have a negative effect on many individuals quality of life.

The main cause of allergies is from the grass itself, which releases retained pollen during the end of spring and beginning of summer.

As there is no cure for hay fever, the most effective way to control the symptoms associated with it is to avoid contact with grass that’s spreading the pollen. So although country walks still may present a problem, reducing the effects of hay fever in your own back garden is quite simple.

Making the switch to an artificial lawn has proven to be the perfect solution for many grass allergy sufferers. Made from only man-made materials, artificial grass’ composition is much different than that of natural turf, and it doesn’t hold onto pollen anywhere near as much. Staying short and manicured all year round, artificial grass’ pile height combats the problem of excess growth that naturally traps dust, pollen, and allergy-causing debris – often found in natural grass.

Lawn mowing is another major trigger for pollen emission, which can be spread around your garden and throughout your household – a problem which is eradicated with a low maintenance artificial lawn.

While replacing natural grass with durable synthetic turf doesn’t provide a cure for hay fever, it can be a great preventative measure for those who are sensitive to it and will go a long way towards letting you sit and relax in the garden this summer.