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Understanding The Price Tag of Artificial Grass

When we go shopping we often go as informed as possible. Whether it’s a new outfit or the latest car it’s very likely you’ll want to 1-research whatever it is you’re buying 2- shop with a budget, and 3- compare different options available to you.

This shouldn’t be any different when you are buying artificial grass and like so many things can affect the cost here’s our short guide to understanding the price tag.

Look at the Options

Its all too easy to end up spending a lot more on something you don’t need, or trying to cut costs and being disappointed with the results. We have a range of choices so rather than opting for the cheapest or most popular, request some samples to see which range suits your needs.

Know the Product

With the wide range of variety in our artificial grass its good to understand terms like ‘pile height’ and ‘roll size’ before you buy. ‘Pile’ is the term for the upright blades on artificial turf, which can be cut to different lengths and occur in different colours. It is good to know your preferences, as for example, if you are building on stone you will need a longer pile. Prices differ depending on your desired width so you should know the size of the area that you are working with, and be prepared to calculate how many rolls you’d need.

Know What Affects Cost

Read the small print. Lower prices often mean you’re getting a lower quality product, or that you’ll have to fork out for additional parts or materials such as rubber infills. Shop with quality in mind rather than price, just as you would if you were buying anything else. Take into account things like fibre quality, UV protection, surface styling, backing materials, stitch count and even warranties.

Beyond The Grass

Once you’ve chosen exactly what range is right for you, you need to think about the installation. Laying your lawn yourself can save you money – use our fitting guide will help you plan how much artificial grass you’ll need and how much it will cost you.

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