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Which Sports Can Benefit From Artificial Grass?

With the summer months just around the corner, you may have started considering replacing your natural grass sports pitch with a no-maintenance, artificial alternative.

Natural sports grass can quickly become patchy, boggy and uneven, causing an unnecessary hazard for players. Artificial grass works as a safe and low maintenance alternative for areas that need a level playing surface with low risk.

Now widely used on football and rugby pitches, hockey fields, tennis courts and golf greens, artificial turf has become the ‘go-to’ choice for a whole host of different sports.

We take a look at some of the most popular applications.


Artificial grass is now promoted by several sports governing bodies including FIFA (the International Federation of Association Football). Artificial grass has developed beyond recognition in football and is now comparable to real grass with a cushioned underlay providing optimal player performance and safety.


Maintaining a perfectly flat, manicured, natural grass cricket pitch requires a great deal of time, work and money. The condition of a cricket pitch can have a huge effect on the game, which is why so many clubs are turning to the artificial grass as a practical substitute.


In recent years, it has become more and more common to see artificial grass used on golf courses. Artificial greens allow players to practise without worrying about hampering the quality of the ground. Smaller courses, in particular, endure heavy footfall and can soon become worn and patchy. It’s easy to see why the lush green appearance of artificial turf is becoming a popular option for many courses.


Endorsed by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) artificial grass has improved this sport more than most, and is widely used on pitches around the country. Artificial turf is ideal for hockey, where ball play needs to be fast and dynamic. Water-based artificial pitches are most commonly used in hockey as they offer increased protection for players, superb durability and top ball speed.


The ‘green’ is possibly the most important element in a game of bowls. Artificial grass not only offers a playing surface which is superior to natural grass, but it’s also durability, play-ability, and low maintenance have all led to artificial turf being embraced by bowlers at the highest level of the game.