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How to Join Artificial Grass

By laying an Artificial Grass Direct lawn yourself, you are saving money, but make sure that money is well saved by joining the grass correctly.

Follow our informative guide and create an enviable artificial lawn.

Step 1: Unroll into position

Place your artificial grass side by side and unroll. When performing this action, ensure that the grass pile direction is facing towards the main viewpoint. After you have completed this, begin folding back the joining edges (approx. 30cm).

Step 2: Cutting

In order to get the perfect seam, ensure the spacing between each bead is maintained through this process. Begin with the first piece of grass and start cutting close to the bead. Do not leave any space and on the second piece of artificial grass, cut, but leave the beading space.

Step 3: Place the two pieces together

Place the two pieces of artificial grass and create a join, without using any glue.

Step 4: Observe

Step back and take a look at the positioning of the grass. If you are happy, begin folding back the joining edges (approx. 30cm).

Step 5: Joining tape and glueing

Begin placing the joining tape down and spread the polyurethane adhesive across the tape evenly.

Step 6: Final step

Work your way carefully down the seam and join the pieces together – add pressure to ensure polyurethane adhesive keeps everything in place.

If you have any questions, have a look through our fitting guide or get in touch with the experts at Artificial Grass Direct for advice.