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Artificial Grass for Camping and Caravanning

A recent survey by Barclaycard has revealed that Britain’s first heat wave for six years significantly increased the amount of people holidaying in the UK in July, with people spending their summer in caravans or under the canvas of their tents.

The survey showed that there was a 39.9 per cent rise in sales at campsites and caravan parks at the start of July compared to the wetter previous years.

In turn, artificial grass proved to be increasingly popular in campsites as more people opted to turn muddy, high traffic areas into green, clean attractive pitches.

If you do manage to get some time away from the 9-5 grind, the last thing you want to be doing on holiday is getting out the lawnmower. Artificial grass is the stress free answer to keeping your site a lush green haven all year round. In fact, when you arrive on holiday your lawn will always be mud free,
cut and perfectly maintained.

The damage caused around camping and caravanning sites by heavy footfall can be extremely damaging to the soft ground, not to mention the mud that affects campers each year. Artificial grass is becoming a popular choice for caravan sites around the UK, whose ground simply cannot cope with the summer wear and tear, saving sites thousands of pounds each year on maintenance and upkeep of the grounds.

Artificial grass can even add some colour to decking and steps outside and around your caravan, or be used instead of a groundsheet or doormat for your tent. Most campers spend the majority of time outdoors either hiking, at a festival or visiting country parks and come back with heavily muddy footwear, so why not even consider using artificial grass as an indoor carpet for a campervan, it’s easy to remove and wash and holds great appeal!

If you thought artificial grass was only for your garden, think again!