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Why Does Natural Grass Die in The Winter?

During the winter months, most of us are much more reluctant to get out and mow the lawn purely because of the weather.

During the summer, we have more hours of daylight, bright sunshine and warmer temperatures than in the winter months. Grass needs a minimum of 5/6 degrees Celsius to grow at a normal rate.

When autumn arrives, your grass becomes covered in leaves. Unfortunately, this is something that we cannot avoid, but by not moving these leaves, you are allowing your grass to not receive the necessary amount of sunlight to perform photosynthesis. Ultimately, this will result in the grass not being healthy and finally turning brown and dying.

During the winter, temperatures drop resulting in frost and snow. If you walk over your grass when it is frosty, you will damage the grass blades, resulting in permanent damage once the frost melts. The same applies to snow. However, if you have young children (or adults!) who want to build snowmen or make snow angels, then you can say goodbye to your lawn.

Excessive rain will also damage your lawn. Grass needs oxygen to grow, however, if the ground is covered in rain, then the water will block the air gaps in the soil. Excessive water also washes away key nutrients before they reach the roots

In order to keep your grass looking as nice as possible throughout the winter months, you have to continue mowing your lawn, make sure the grass isn’t blocked from sunlight, make sure your yard has a top of the range drainage system and add fertiliser to enhance the growth and colour.

It seems a lot of needless effort can be avoided by switching to artificial grass. Contact us today for further information and advisement.