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Problem Solved – Artificial Grass for Problem Areas

How healthy is your lawn?

Lawns have a hard life. Even the greenest, most lush looking lawns can experience problems from time to time and keeping on top of their care can become time consuming and expensive.

We bring you the most common lawn problems, and how to combat them.


Problem weeds including dandelions, buttercups, daisies, and clover all need dealing with straight away as they can quickly take over your lawn. In order to maintain weeds your garden needs constant attention. Digging out weeds that have taken hold remains the best, and often only, solution.


Gardeners often have trouble encouraging grass to grow beneath trees or in the shade of a house or shed. It’s a hard battle to win, as most grasses need four to six hours of direct sunlight in order to thrive. If it’s looking impossible, you may want to consider putting natural materials such as bark, straw or wood chips over the problem areas.

Bare Patches

Bare patches should be reseeded. Mark off the bare areas and water gently, keeping the area as moist as possible. If heavy footfall is the problem, consider combatting the problem with gravel or paving.

Brown Spots

Brown or straw coloured patches are every gardener’s worst nightmare. Even with lots of care, fertilizer and regular watering, you may have trouble restoring green grass, so consider what the problem might be before taking action. Pet urine, a dull mower blade, brown patch fungus, and even grubs are all common culprits.

Seasonal Bog

Wet weather is part and parcel of gardening in the UK, but recent prolonged bouts of heavy rainfall have replaced our green lawns with soft, soggy swamps. While there’s not much you can do about the rain, you may want to consider installing an effective drainage system to keep your garden becoming muddy and flooded.

Of course there is no need to put up with these problem areas at all! Installing artificial grass will combat all these issues and more.

Turf from Artificial Grass Direct is built to last come rain or shine. Its drainage system means that even extreme conditions wont disrupt the colour or appearance, leaving it looking lush and green all year round. In high wear and tear areas such as children’s play areas, animal runs and pathways, artificial grass is the perfect solution if natural grass won’t grow naturally.

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