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Artificial Grass- Not Just For Greener Gardens!

Artificial Grass doesn’t need to be limited to the great outdoors for greener looking lawns as Artificial Grass Direct have proven recently!

These amazing photos from our customers at Rock Box display how our ‘Snow Blanket’ provided a fantastic and complementary surface to the Rock Box Bus, and even featured a Bus-Top Roof Terrace!

Appearing at The Event Production Show at Earls Court on the 11th &      12th February, the Event Production Show is a show for anybody within the events industry wishing to sell,  supply or rent, from toilets, and stage makers to event organisers and giant plasma screen suppliers.

Andy from Rock Box got in touch to express how happy they were with their decision to use ‘fake grass’ over other alternatives…

“[Artificial Grass Directs Snow Blanket] looked great on the day and there was no problem with the colour being white. Even after two days, it looked clean. Didn’t even have to hoover it!”

“Think having white was the correct choice and the stand looked absolutely fantastic on the day with minimal furniture.”

If you’d like to explore how Artificial Grass can give your next event or showcase a boost get in touch with us on 0845 177 1664.