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What to do in the Garden in July

July is often one of the hottest months of the year in the UK. Gardeners are never short of jobs to do in July, with tons of watering, planting and pest control to be done!

Artificial Grass Direct are bringing you our 5 top tips about what you could be doing in the garden this July.

1. Watering

Due to the warm, dry conditions that often come hand in hand with July, watering in the garden this month is a must. Containers and hanging baskets will need water every day during July, while a thorough water is essential once or twice a week. Aim to water in the evening so the moisture doesn’t evaporate as quickly as it would in the sun. 

2. Pests

With summer growth in full swing, it also means that pests and diseases are all too prevalent. Because pests love warm weather, early treatment is best before they get out of control.

3. Wildlife

As the weather gets warmer and drier, birds and other visitors to your garden can all be helped on those hot, sticky days. Remember to keep plenty of food and a constant supply of water out for birds to drink and cool off in. If you have a pond, keep it topped up with fresh water and remove blanket weed to let oxygen back in.

4. Late planting

Although your garden is probably just past its peak in July, it’s not too late to plant quick growing plants and vegetables. Lettuce, wild rocket and watercress are all speedy growers and can give you maximum results in the garden and in the kitchen.

5. Lawn

Much like June, those with natural grass gardens should spend July mowing regularly.

This is the last chance to feed your lawn so it’s worth watering and fertilising frequently. Should your lawn parch and turn brown, there is not much you can do but wait for the rain to return.

For those with artificial grass lawns simply sit back and enjoy the hot July sunshine! Other than a quick brush every couple of weeks to get rid of leaves and debris your lawn will take care of itself.

For more information on how to transform your garden this month then get in touch with our experts at Artificial Grass Direct.

Happy gardening!