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Garden To Do List – March

Even though the weather may stay slightly wintry, March is a great time to get back out in the garden. While there’s no way of telling if the weather will swing into spring or plunge back into winter from one day to the next, you can be sure of the jobs you need to do in the garden this month.

Make the most of March with AGD by following our top 5 tasks when gardening this month.

1. Weeding

As the weather starts to warm up, March is the perfect time to start weeding. Weeds are more easily controlled when they’re young so tackle them head on as they start to make an appearance in your garden. Remove interlopers with a fork before putting mulch down around new plants.

2. Garden maintenance

Early spring is the perfect time to get back to a bit of garden maintenance. If the weather stays dry this month you could use the opportunity to paint garden fences and other wooden structures with a preservative. If you have a pond, check everything is in working order and give filters a good clean.

3. Protect

As temperatures increase, slowly start to remove any plant protection put in place during the winter. As freezes are still possible, it’s best to do this cautiously towards the end of the month.

4. Planting

March is the ideal time to start planting spring flowering annuals such as violas, pansies, sweet-peas and forget me nots. If you have a vegetable garden, now is the best time to plant potatoes, onions and shallots providing the soil isn’t waterlogged. Frost sensitive plants are best left until the end of the month in case we get hit by a late chill.

5. Lawns

Natural grass lawns demand a lot of work during March. Your lawn has probably been left with numerous bald spots, after recent bouts of snow.

If the weather does turn frosty again or we get heavy rainfall then it’s best to stay off garden turf to avoid damaging the grass.

Maintaining a natural lawn has become increasingly time consuming, expensive and frustrating for modern homeowners, with the constantly changing weather causing one of the biggest issues.

For those with artificial grass lawns, a quick brush every couple of weeks to get rid of leaves and debris should ensure your lawn stays looking lush and green. Because artificial grass drains like real grass, rainfall and snow shouldn’t be a problem for it, providing the perfect solution if natural grass won’t grow naturally.

For more information on how to transform your garden this month then get in touch with our experts at Artificial Grass Direct.