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Garden to do List December

December can be a bitter month, with reduced hours of daylight and a high risk of frost and snow. For this reason, you may not feel like doing a great deal of work outside this month, but thankfully there is not much to be done.

Make the most of the month by following our top 5 tips for gardening in December, and your garden should stay looking its best.

1. Protection

Group potted plants and containers into more sheltered spots to protect them from any heavy rain or wind.

2. Pruning

Check any recommended pruning times for climbers, trees and shrubs. It’s usually a good time of year to think about pruning apples and pears to encourage quality fruit production. Vines can also be pruned before Christmas to prevent bleeding.

3. Wildlife

As the weather turns colder and the risk of snow increases, wildlife will rely on you more than ever to survive. Remember to keep bird baths topped up especially if they start to freeze over, and regularly wash feeders. Put out high energy foods to further help our feathered friends get through the worst of the weather.

4. Watering

Watering during the winter months should be done sparingly to prevent rotting and waterlogging. You should also reduce watering of houseplants.

5. Lawns

Continue to rake up any leaves from your lawn throughout December. Mow your lawn according to the weather conditions – if it stays mild and grass is still growing then you may still want to give it a light trim. If conditions turn particularly wet or frosty then it’s best to stay off garden turf to avoid damaging the grass.

For those with artificial grass lawns then a quick brush every couple of weeks to get rid of leaves and debris should ensure your lawn stays looking lush and green. If it does start to frost, then remove any snow with a plastic shovel to avoid damaging the fibres.

For more information on how to transform your garden this month then get in touch with our experts at Artificial Grass Direct.