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Can you use fireworks on artificial grass?

If your garden or outdoor space contains artificial grass, you’ve probably asked yourself the following question in the run-up to bonfire night: “Can you use fireworks on artificial grass?”

The short answer, we’re sorry to say, is an emphatic “no”. Setting off fireworks could end up causing serious damage to your artificial lawn and, of course, your bank balance.

There are, however, still plenty of ways for you to get around this and enjoy a bonfire night to remember. We’ve put together a few tricks and tips to help you make the most of it:

1. Use a concreted area!

If you’re looking to maintain your artificial grass, fireworks should be set off on alternative areas such as those covered by concrete. Just remember to keep the fireworks well away from the lawn



2. Invest in some technological alternatives

If you’re looking to enjoy visually impressive bonfire night, artificial grass can sometimes feel like a bit of a liability. Fortunately, there are some cutting-edge alternatives that do not involve burning anything. Lasers can create astounding light shows that are as safe as they are fun. They can even be choreographed to music if you’d like to impress your guests!

3. Look for a display in your local area

There are plenty of public firework displays on offer around bonfire night that could provide an evening of fun for your whole family. Check out your local newspaper or do a quick Google search to find a display that suits you. You may be surprised at how much fun the night can be without the added pressure of setting off your own fireworks!

4. Create a fun lighting display

If you’re having a bonfire party, why not decorate your home with lanterns and firework-like ornaments? Think glittery, reflective objects that will give a real sense of sparkle to your interior space. As well as offering a cheap alternative to fireworks, this method is totally safe and easy to pull off.

5. Remember that there’s more to bonfire night than fireworks

Most people simply want to have a good time on bonfire night. If you can’t offer fireworks, make sure to put on a spread of great food and keep your guests’ drinks topped up all night. In the right company, you’re guaranteed to have a successful party.

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