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Artificial Lawn Care in Winter

While snow, wind and frost don’t exactly make for an enjoyable gardening experience, for those with artificial turf, winter maintenance can be manageable and worthwhile.

Artificial lawn care is inevitable during winter months, but if you have any concerns about the upkeep of artificial grass then read on: 

Can I walk on my artificial grass?

Snow should not have a huge impact on artificial grass but it is certainly not invincible. While you can still walk on your turf in winter, be cautious if the fibres freeze as treading on them could cause damage.

What should I be doing to look after my artificial lawn during winter?

Continue to rake up any leaves from your lawn throughout winter. A quick brush every couple of weeks to get rid of leaves and debris should ensure your lawn stays looking lush and green.

If temperatures drop it’s best to leave snow and frost to melt and drain naturally through the turf.

How should I remove snow/frost?

If you wish to remove any snow from the surface of your lawn, ensure you don’t do this by hand as this can create a ‘tearing effect’ and damage the fibres of your grass. Instead, use a plastic (not metal) shovel to clear any built up snow. You may also want to use salt, but you should only do this occasionally.

Can winter conditions cause permanent damage?

If you take suitable care of your lawn, it should not sustain any damage from prolonged periods of frost or snow this winter.

Are AGD lawns really the answer in today’s climate?

AGD has the perfect solution to combatting the bizarre and unpredictable seasons that we have to endure here in the UK. Our turf stands up to drought, flooding, snow and freezing temperatures, maintaining a fresh green appearance all year long.

Winter can be beautiful and special time to spend in your back garden so wouldn’t you rather take time to enjoy it with your family rather than worrying about the damage its doing to your lawn?

Artificial Grass Direct is built to last come rain, shine or frost. Its drainage system means that even in extreme conditions, snow and ice simply melt into it without disrupting the colour or appearance, leaving it lush and green all year round.

To learn more about our products and how they could benefit you this winter check out our range or request a free sample today.