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Gardening Jobs for June

June is a great time to make sure your garden looks great in time for Summer so Artificial Grass Direct put together a list of gardening jobs to keep you busy through the month.

As we move into the warmer climate, you can say goodbye to the risk of frost and get on with planting your Summer bedding plants. You can also start to move any plants from your greenhouse into their final position for the year.

If you’ve got a fruit garden you’ll notice the annual ‘June Drop’ in which fruit will drop naturally and thin out the congestion along branches. You may wish to thin out the branches a little more manually to aim to get better fruits.

Be conscious of your greenhouses getting too hot once the sun comes out – you may want to add some blinds to help block out some sunlight and stop it from overheating.

And lastly jobs for your lawn – none if you have Artificial Grass! By making the move to Artificial Grass you can say goodbye to spending time watering your grass or making sure it’s fed and healthy once it gets too warm. Artificial Grass means next to no maintenance and will look amazing no matter what time of year it is.

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