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AGD & Gardening with Kids

While gardening may often be a pastime most associated with the retired and middle aged, many young families are now catching the gardening bug and enjoy nothing more than getting creative in the garden.

There are hundreds of fun and interesting projects you can get your kids involved with, no matter how big or little they are. Not only is gardening a wholesome and healthy hobby, it can also be incredibly educational too.

Garden activities….

If you’re stuck for inspiration, there are tonnes of fun and creative ways to help get your kids immersed in the joys of gardening. Try out some of these child-friendly ideas…

  • Build a bird house
  • Collect leaves
  • Build a pond
  • Tend to an allotment
  • Encourage wildlife into the garden
  • Make your own compost
  • Plant and grow a tree
  • Make a garden treasure hunt

Did you know that by simply making a switch to artificial turf, you could get your kids even more involved in the great outdoors?

There are a huge range of benefits to installing artificial grass which could be why an increasing number of families are turning to Artificial Grass Direct to add colour, brightness and variety into their garden.

How can AGD help kids make the most of the garden?

Exciting colours

If you’re still struggling to get kids excited about the garden why not let their imagination run away with Rainbow Range! With an array of colours to choose from, simply install a vibrant play area with different shapes, paths and colours to ignite their imagination.


Children can have hours of fun in the garden without having to worry about accidents or injuries. Artificial grass is not only soft and non-abrasive; you can also add extra protective shock pads that will give kids that extra cushioning in case of any slips or falls.

Fun all year round

Our artificial turf holds its integrity come rain, shine or frost so you can get out and enjoy the garden no matter what time of year.

No mud!

The days of kids running in the house with muddy shoes and grass stained clothes are a thing of the past with artificial grass. Whatever the weather throws at it our turf is the ideal solution as rainwater simply drains straight through.

We understand that spare time is often limited for busy modern families so our solutions mean that you can spend less time working on your garden and more time enjoying it!

For more information on how to transform your garden into a child friendly haven this month then get in touch with our experts at Artificial Grass Direct.