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10 Ways to Cheat at Gardening

ADAuthor - Artificial Grass Direct

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Most of us would love a beautiful garden in which to relax and enjoy the summer months but many of us have neither the skills nor the inclination to spend hours maintaining it.

Fortunately, we have a few tips we can share with you to reduce the time spent on gardening and increase the time spent relaxing in it.

  1. Lay an artificial lawn – they can look extremely realistic and retain their good looks even if you have kids and pets. Also they require very little attention compared with a real lawn that needs mowing, cutting and special treatments.
  2. Reduce the borders – the maximum depth should be 1.5m for ease of managing the plants and to reduce weeding.
  3. Top dress borders – mulching with bark chippings helps to add nutrients to the soil, suppresses weeds and helps the soil to retain moisture.
  4. Create more pathways – to reduce the borders and lawn area. Use different materials, especially low maintenance alternatives, to add interest.
  5. Enlarge the decking/ patio area – it is important to have a large space in which to relax. For ultra-low maintenance build the deck using a wood free composite material. It may be more expensive than wood, but it will last and look better for longer.
  6. Install an irrigation system – the leaky hose system will direct water where you require it and when you want it automatically, if connected to a timer.
  7. Use large containers- pots are easier to manage than flower beds and can provide splashes of colour where ever you want it.
  8. Plants – use evergreen in your borders. They are low maintenance and they provide beautiful colour all the year round. Grasses are also low maintenance and add shape and structure.
  9. Bulbs – they are like buried treasure. Plant once and then year after year they will provide you with bursts of colour.
  10. Architectural pieces – add a garden sculpture as a focal point. Use mirrors, pieces of stone or drift wood to create interest and enhance the plants.

If you are looking at replacing your lawn with artificial grass at Artificial Grass Direct we have a wide range of high-quality synthetic grass to suit all budgets and deliver anywhere in the UK.

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