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10 Ways to Cheat at Gardening

Most of us would love a beautiful garden in which to relax and enjoy the summer months but many of us have neither the skills nor the inclination to spend hours maintaining it.

Fortunately, we have a few tips we can share with you to reduce the time spent on gardening and increase the time spent relaxing in it.

  1. Lay an artificial lawn – they can look extremely realistic and retain their good looks even if you have kids and pets. Also they require very little attention compared with a real lawn that needs mowing, cutting and special treatments.
  2. Reduce the borders – the maximum depth should be 1.5m for ease of managing the plants and to reduce weeding.
  3. Top dress borders – mulching with bark chippings helps to add nutrients to the soil, suppresses weeds and helps the soil to retain moisture.
  4. Create more pathways – to reduce the borders and lawn area. Use different materials, especially low maintenance alternatives, to add interest.
  5. Enlarge the decking/ patio area – it is important to have a large space in which to relax. For ultra-low maintenance build the deck using a wood free composite material. It may be more expensive than wood, but it will last and look better for longer.
  6. Install an irrigation system – the leaky hose system will direct water where you require it and when you want it automatically, if connected to a timer.
  7. Use large containers- pots are easier to manage than flower beds and can provide splashes of colour where ever you want it.
  8. Plants – use evergreen in your borders. They are low maintenance and they provide beautiful colour all the year round. Grasses are also low maintenance and add shape and structure.
  9. Bulbs – they are like buried treasure. Plant once and then year after year they will provide you with bursts of colour.
  10. Architectural pieces – add a garden sculpture as a focal point. Use mirrors, pieces of stone or drift wood to create interest and enhance the plants.

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