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UAE Have 40 Years of Groundwater Left

The United Arab Emirates is one of the driest countries in the world, meaning that their water consumption is significantly higher than the global average, as they are using water that can not be replenished by rainfall.

With the UAE being a highly popular place for tourism, the water intake is constantly going to rise; in fact Strategy predicts that by 2025, the demand for water will increase by 44 per cent. Due to this increase, within the next 40 to 50 years, groundwater will be depleted.

Studies conducted around the world have come to the same conclusion… Artificial grass could be the answer!

We have seen a rise in artificial grass in California, and the same will follow in UAE and Saudi Arabia once stricter restrictions are put into play. Watering your lawn used to be the norm, however due to lack of time, water restrictions and the weather, people have lost the ability to pride themselves on a perfect green lawn. Unlike natural turf, artificial grass doesn’t rely on water to keep its colour and it stays the perfect length, texture and colour all year round.

A number of businesses in Dubai have come to the same conclusion – artificial grass is the response to this crisis. The National stated that Desert Ink is one business who uses artificial grass. In their own words:

“It provides a permanent ‘green’ surface all year round; environmentally speaking, it has far less effect on our water resources than real grass; and when we studied the numbers we found that it cost much less than irrigating real lawn, saving our clients’ money.”

There are only two options that UAE and Saudi Arabia can consider:

  1. Continue as they are, and have no groundwater within 40-50 years.
  2. Set rules and regulations on water usage. Make sure the rules are enforced. Right now, UAE and Saudi Arabia use between 10-39 times the amount of water available to the country. This needs to stop, fast.

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