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Top Gardening Blogs of 2018

From potted plants and herb gardens, all the way to fire pits and bird houses, there are plenty of ways to bring an artificial grass garden to life and we here at Artificial Grass Direct are always on the lookout for great gardening tips and tricks to share with you. We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best gardening blogs out there and have narrowed it down to our top three for 2018.

The Middle-Sized Garden

If your garden is bigger than a courtyard, but smaller than an acre then the middle-sized garden is for you! This blog is written by author Alexandra Campbell and offers a lot more than grower’s guides (though there are plenty of those too). Campbell considers outdoor seating and entertainment, and offers advice on how to spruce up sheds, grow veg, and even how to keep indoor plants. The sheer variety of content on The Middle-Sized Garden means you’re sure to find a project or information that’s relevant no matter what sized garden you have at home. You’ll even find a handy guide to creating your very own roof top garden using artificial grass here.

Vertical Veg

This one is for the veg lovers! Vertical Veg is a website for anybody interested in growing plants and vegetables with limited space. Written by Mark Smith, this blog offers a whole host of DIY projects and small space solutions with a focus on growing food in containers. It also features seasonal content, so you’ll never be low on things to grow. Perfect for newbies and green thumbs alike, Vertical Veg shows us that you don’t have to give up on gardening just because you live in the city.

The Growing Family

Gardening with a family focus! The Growing Family is ran by Catherine who is a mum, wife, and self-confessed lover of wellies. With plenty of content focused on gardening with children, you’ll find advice on how to make gardening fun; grow along projects; and even how to grow your name in a courgette! Catherine offers a seasonal guide to flowers and vegetables as well as a special area on her blog dedicated to birth flowers, so you can find the flower that corresponds with your birth month, how fun! Pushed for time or just not in the mood to commit to a big gardening project? Make sure you check out the 10-minute gardener section.

Have you been inspired by anything you’ve seen in our Top Gardening Blogs of 2018? Create an ever-green foundation for your garden with artificial turf. View our product selection here or request a sample today.