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Keep Warm This Winter

The cold weather and lack of sunshine may make spending time in your garden unappealing. Instead, you might choose to sit inside by the fire watching your favourite TV programmes, rather than embracing the fresh winter air.

Your garden is a valuable asset to your home, which is why it is time to fulfil your gardens full potential. Turn your outdoor space into a place where you enjoy spending time and create an atmosphere that helps you relax.

You’ve seen it in movies, luxury cabin breaks and on the TV – Hot tubs. Instead of watching people enjoy a glass of wine, gazing at the stars and enjoying the fresh air in their warm and relaxing hot tub; why not enjoy one in your very own back garden?

Even though hot tubs are seen as a luxury, you may be shocked to learn that one in every ten homes in the UK have a hot tub. People are drawn to them for many reasons – they help people relax, offer entertainment for guests, increase the value of a home, offer health benefits and much more.

First things first, pick where you would like your hot tub placed. Make sure the ground can support the weight – patios or decking are a popular choice due to the surface been level.

When you are sat in your hot tub, you do not want to be surrounded by weeds, uneven grass and overgrown bushes, so now is the perfect time to start weeding, filling flowerbeds and tripping any hedges/bushes.

In order to spend more time in your hot tub and less time mowing your lawn, artificial grass is the answer. Not only will you have a luscious green and low maintenance lawn, you will also be able to walk on the grass barefoot without trailing mud into your home!

To learn more about which type of artificial grass will best suit your garden, contact Artificial Grass Direct or have a browse through our selection of artificial grass.