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Is Artificial Grass Approved by Local Authorities?

We often get clients asking whether our turf has been approved for use by Local Authorities.

This is a particularly common concern for architects who need artificial grass for schools, recreation areas and public buildings where health and safety is of the highest importance.

We can tell our clients in complete confidence that the answer is yes. Turf from AGD carries many quality and safety accreditations and is approved for use by Local Authorities, not only improving the look of a public area, but also giving them complete peace of mind!

You will find many of our ranges installed by local authorities, architects and landscape professionals all over the UK, who are benefitting from turf which has been produced to the highest quality standard.

You can be confident that all AGD products come with:

  • 5 year guarantee
  • Up to 20 years maintenance free life span
  • UV stabilised to comply with quality standard BIN53387
  • Independent testing confirms product porosity to BS7044

Our grass has been used for a number of things from local events to landscaping on roadsides and even covering entire school grounds. Other common public uses include:

  • Shopping centres/supermarkets – Ever changing weather and heavy footfall can make it hard for natural grass to grow in and around shopping centres, and upkeep costs can be greatly reduced by installing artificial grass.
  • Hospitals/care homes – Areas of artificial grass in hospitals and care homes give all year round green, whilst saving on water and maintenance.
  • Schools and nurseries It’s becoming more and more common to find schools playing on artificial surfaces, due to their hard wearing, and low maintenance qualities.
  • Recreation areas – Many public parks and recreation areas now find that artificial grass is much more preferential to hard, rubber surfaces.

We can supply products to any public sector, from schools to councils, colleges, universities and NHS trusts. If you are looking for high quality artificial turf which is Local Authority approved then look no further than AGD.

To find out more about the benefits of AGD, feel free to contact us direct on 0845 177 1664, or alternatively email our team via our contact form.