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The Changing Climate is Affecting Gardening Habits

ADAuthor - Artificial Grass Direct

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With recent reports indicating that global temperatures are on the rise again, there is now no doubt that the Earth is getting warmer.

Recent weather has seen parts of the UK hit by heavy rainfall, severe storms, flash flooding, lightning strikes and temperatures soaring to record levels all in the space of a few weeks. With such odd, extreme and ever-changing weather, your garden can struggle to avoid damage and survive the seasons.

While we Brits are used to gardening in varied weather conditions, these extreme changes can have a huge impact on our gardens. Climate change can have an effect on everything from garden wildlife to the resilience of our plants to when they come into leaf.

The changing climate has forced many people to change their gardening habits and landscape in a more environmentally friendly and low maintenance way. Increasingly, homeowners are focusing on sustainable gardens as government imposed hosepipe bans raise awareness of the importance of using less water, but there are a number of other ways homeowners can continue to enjoy their gardens in this ever-changing climate.


Advice has been to cut lawns down by a third or half. Less lawn means less harmful fertiliser, less water and fewer emissions produced by mowers. You could also consider artificial grass, as even in prolonged periods of hot weather, it will stay green and lush without water. It also needs no mowing so there are no clippings to dispose of and you will never need to apply potentially dangerous chemical herbicides, pesticides or feeds.

Consider your site

Experts say that gardeners should consider their site, adapting planting to suit the way the layout of their garden. Use sunny, shady and sloping points of your garden to certain plants advantage. Heavy rainfall can affect plants in different ways so consider where you position them in your garden – for example, plants at the top of an incline will stay drier so plant moisture-loving perennials at the bottom of garden slopes.


Composting garden waste can have a positive impact on the environment and is a simple way to start gardening sustainably. Compost is a natural, safe and environmentally friendly option to consider alongside inorganic fertilizer and can save you money as well.

Sustainable plants

Gardening in a changing climate calls for resilient plants that can survive periods of drought, rainfall and other extreme conditions. Depending on where you live, fill your garden with moisture-loving plants or heat-tolerant perennials.

With so many factors at play in our gardens as well as the climate, homeowners should adapt their gardens on an individual basis. With AGD’s wide range of environmentally friendly garden solutions, there’s never been a better time to prepare for climate change and the ever-changing weather it has to throw at us. 

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