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Decorate Your Home With a Snow Blanket

‘Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat’

It is about this time of year we start to think about decorating our homes for the festive season. Most of us love a snowy Christmas but the weather doesn’t always oblige, so creating our own snowy scene inside our homes has become a ‘must’ at this time of year to create the perfect winter theme.

‘Snow Blanket’ is a soft white fluffy grass style outdoor/ indoor carpet sold by Artificial Grass Direct. It has become very popular at Christmas over the last few years adding a realistic snowy look to any festive or winter scene in any location.

Here are just a few ideas for how to use ‘Snow Blanket’ this Christmas.

Christmas Tree Mat – not only will the ‘Snow Blanket’ create the perfect setting for your tree it will also disguise the tree stand and collect all the fallen pine needles.   Every few days simply wrap up the mat and shake it off outside, thus saving you a great deal of time and effort hoovering up the needles.

Nativity/ Christmas Scene Display – make your display extra special with the ‘Snow blanket’ as the festive base. ‘Snow Blanket’ looks realistic and is much simpler and less messy to use than snow spray.

Family Christmas Grotto – turn your conservatory or garage into a ‘winter wonderland’ for all your grandchildren, family and friends to enjoy this Christmas. The ‘Snow Blanket’ is soft underfoot but also durable enough to withstand even a game of football. Once the partying is over the ‘Snow Blanket’ is easy to clean, just sweep or hose it down.

Christmas Dinner Table – Create a memorable dining experience for friends and family this Christmas by setting the tone with a themed dinner table. ‘Snow Blanket’, which is non-toxic and completely safe for children, can be used to create a festive runner or even carefully cut into place mats.

Once the festive season has come to an end simply shake the’ Snow Blanket’ blanket outside, roll it up and store it in a safe dry place until next year.

‘Snow Blanket’ is available in 2 widths and is currently on offer at a sale price of just £9.95 per m2. We will deliver within 7 days, so it couldn’t be easier or cheaper to get into the festive spirit!

To buy your ‘Snow Blanket’ contact Artificial Lawn Direct on: 0845 322 8573