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Chelsea Flower Show 2015

Running from 19th-23rd May, this week marks the 153rd RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

First launched by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) back in 1862, the show has become one of the greatest gardening events in the world. Reputed for featuring the newest plants, cutting edge design and desirable gardening products, the show has the power to set all the latest gardening trends.

As one of the latest top gardening trends, we are expecting to see the appearance of artificial grass once again at this year’s show.

Although artificial grass has been around since the 1960’s, it is only recently that we have started seeing it used in the UK for domestic lawns.

It could be that the British love of horticulture had been standing in its way but it seems opinions are changing…

Artificial grass made a controversial debut at the Chelsea Flower Show back in 2010, after designer Tony Smith featured it in his show garden ‘Urban Plantaholics Kitchen Garden’.

The show confirmed it was the first time the fake stuff had been used in a show entry but they were willing to ‘waiver the rules’.

The designer said he was prepared to put his reputation on the line using the artificial greenery, stating;

‘It is a great product and shows how far artificial grass has come in recent years,’

‘Kitchen gardens are the height of fashion at the moment but this is a twist on that – it’s a horticultural joke.’

When it comes to artificial grass it seems that the tide is slowly turning, as it continues to gain popularity. This trend has largely been driven by a dramatic improvement in the quality and variety of artificial grass as well as the reduced cost of maintenance and care compared to natural turf.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is the first main event of the summer season so don’t miss out on the gardening event of the year!