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Artificial Grass is The Stars Number One Choice

It was recently reported that Chelsea football star John Terry has taken up the lawn of his new £4.3million mansion and replaced it with artificial grass.

The former England captain bought the estate from professional golfer Colin Montgomerie back in 2014, not far from his previous nine-bedroom property in Oxshott, Surrey.

It is reported that the 34-year-old spent a whopping £150,000 to install the turf, which is said to be similar to that used on all weather football pitches around the UK. However, rather than undertaking the changes to give himself somewhere to practise his technique, it is believed that the defender made the alterations so that he would not have to spend time mowing the lawn!

The swap is just one of number of changes Terry has made to his new home after moving his family in last year.

It reflects similar changes he made at his previous mansion, where he also replaced grass with an artificial lawn.

Artificial grass is becoming an increasingly common feature in UK homes as it stays looking lush and green all year round with very little maintenance.

As John Terry will know, artificial grass can transform the way you use the garden. While the obvious advantages of no mowing or watering will save you time and money, homeowners will also no longer have to worry about mud and mess following children and pets into the home.

While it is has been reported that artificial grass doesn’t help nature, there is an argument that regular use of a lawnmower, running water and harmful fertilisers and pesticides have the potential to do far worse damage to the environment.

Artificial products have come a long way since the harsh AstroTurf of the 1960’s and many people are now realising it’s not the ‘plastic carpet’ they are expecting, and starting to understand just how beneficial it can be.

AGD now guarantee all our grasses for 5 years, with 20 years of maintenance free life – new developments are still being made to this day meaning artificial grass will only continue to improve.

Artificial grass is becoming the top choice for homeowners although it doesn’t need to set you back £150,000!

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