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Artificial Grass For Cats

Artificial Grass For Cats

Do cats like Artificial Grass?

Here at Artificial Grass we’ve recently spoke at length about the benefits associated with installing artificial grass for your dogs. I think we can all agree that in summary, the two go together like bread and butter.

“But what about cats?” We hear you ask.

As International Cat Day took place earlier this month, we’ve decided to write this blog in order to educate and eradicate any misconceptions you may have about exposing your felines to fake grass. By the time you’ve finished with this you’ll be on your way to low-maintenance, beautifully synthetic bliss! So, here are some of the main benefits as we see them:


Usually the main misconception held by pet owners with regards to artificial grass is that the product quite simply isn’t safe to be mixed with cats, or indeed any pets. On the contrary, we can assure you that you’ll have no problems with the safety of the product as long as you make sure to select a company that provides an artificial grass suitable for pets. The majority of companies will provide a specialist product, if not then we’d suggest you might want to look elsewhere.


People often wonder whether cats will find the texture of artificial grass awkward and uncomfortable to lie on. The truth is that most cats actually prefer the lush, consistent nature of fake grass as opposed to authentic grass which can sometimes feel too dry, or uneven in texture or length.

Low maintenance living

Regular grass at its best can look fantastic no doubt, but cat owners have found that the negatives can often outweigh the positives – no more so than when it comes to the issue of maintenance. Cat owners are all too familiar with a trail of muddy paws left throughout the home, but with fake turf the problem will always be eliminated as it doesn’t produce any dirt. Another issue identified with real grass is the effort required to clean up cat mess. The mess will commonly work its way deep into the fibres of grass as time goes on, leaving a rotten stench and residue mess. Once again with fake grass, this issue is virtually eliminated as the mess will commonly sit on top of the artificial surface in a similar way to how it would a carpet, allowing owners to simply pick up and remove the majority of the mess before using a product such as this to wash away any residue odours. A lot of time saved, believe us!

No long-lasting damage

Cat owners, here’s the kicker. Cat urine will not discolour, stain or burn your artificial grass. This comes in as a huge advantage over its real counterpart, which won’t prevent cat urine doing any of the aforementioned damage.


We hope that this guide has offered some small insights into the many benefits artificial turf can offer. To browse our full range and pick out your furry-friendly product today, click here.