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How to Host a Party with Minimal Stress

December is the party month. It is the month where friends and family come together to celebrate Christmas and New Years by eating copious amounts of food and drinking a lot of alcohol! In order to make sure you enjoy the day without being stressed, follow these tips.

Entertainment outside

Yes, it is cold this time of year, but if you have many people attending your party, the inside of your home naturally becomes crowded. This means less room for you to prepare food in the kitchen and the odds of drinks becoming spilt increases. If you place a gazebo in the garden, heaters and entertainment outside, this will encourage your guests to embrace the fresh air instead of staying inside.

Artificial grass inside

When you host a Christmas party, you not only have to prepare food and get drinks in, you also have to decorate your home. Christmas trees and decorations are a must have, but consider artificial grass. White artificial grass offers something different to your home. The snow blanket can be ordered in any size, which means you can create a snow scene, table mats or even a Christmas mat for your tree!

Artificial grass outside

One main incentive of having artificial grass this time of year, is the little maintenance needed to keep your lawn looking perfect! Artificial grass also stays intact during heavy downfalls of rain, whereas real grass becomes muddy and slippery. You will be thankful you made the switch once the party ends, as you will not need to spend time cleaning muddy footprints that have made their way into your home!

Little things

Having paper plates and cutlery means your dishwasher can relax and cleaning up becomes less time consuming. A tip is to place bin-bags on door handles so your guests can throw their plates away once they are finished!

Artificial grass is durable, easy to clean and looks real; which is why a Snow Blanket is a necessity for your party! AGD understand how important having the perfect surface is and are here to answer any questions you have; just give us a call!