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Give the Gift of Plants this Christmas

Are you looking to give something a little bit different this Christmas? Maybe you’re shopping for the flora enthusiast in your life? We think plants make the perfect Christmas presents. Read on to find out 4 plant recommendations for a greener Christmas.

  1. Poinsettia 

Okay, we know we said a “greener” Christmas, but this plant’s festive colours add a Christmassy touch to any home. There’s no wonder Poinsettias are regarded as festive plants since they symbolise good cheer and wishes of mirth and celebration. You’ll have no trouble finding Poinsettias at your local garden centre or even florists around this time of year. Traditionally sold as potted plants, Poinsettias are actually tropical plants meaning that they prefer warmer temperatures and are best kept indoors.

Their brilliant red flowers bloom during the winter months and flourish in a humid environment (think central heating). Poinsettias should be kept in a bright place out of direct sunlight, and you should avoid keeping them on windowsills as these tend to be the draughtier areas of the house. Make sure not to overwater Poinsettias, only doing so when the soil has dried out.

  1. Amaryllis 

Amaryllis flowers come in many striking colours from bright red and white all the way to yellow and pink. An indoor potted plant that blooms during the winter months, Amaryllis is named after a mythological nymph from Greek folklore and symbolises pride, determination, and beauty. This is one of the easiest flowers to grow as it requires minimal care, needing only bright, indirect light, and regular watering for beautiful results.


Paperwhites are a member of the Narcissus family. A quick growing, fragrant flower, Paperwhites typically bloom a lot sooner when kept indoors than they would outdoors. They grow best inside with indirect access to bright sunlight. Make sure you rotate them once in a while, or use decorative branches to act as trellises, as these plants typically lean towards the sun and can end up lopsided if not encouraged to grow evenly. Paperwhites symbolise hope and devotion and they make wonderful centrepieces.

  1. Christmas Cactus 

Christmas Cacti boast beautiful, long blooming flowers which come in varying shades of pink and lilac. The Christmas Cactus isn’t actually a cactus at all, but rather a succulent. It is a popular houseplant with relatively simple care requirements, although it does need a little more attention than your average succulent. The Christmas Cactus derives its symbolism from Christian legends and symbolises giving and acceptance.

The Christmas Cactus is native to the rainforest meaning it favours a humid environment, not a dry one. As such, this plant will require a more frequent watering than other succulents. If your Christmas Cactus isn’t blooming it could have something to do with the temperature or amount of daylight it is receiving. To trigger blooming, make sure your plant is getting 8 to 10 hours of daylight for six weeks. If you have strong indoor lighting at night, you may need to cover it. This plant is most likely to flower when the temperature is between a cool 10-15 degrees.