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Four Reasons Why You Should Join the Silent Gardening Revolution

You may have noticed artificial grass appearing everywhere you look. Whether it be your neighbours garden, The Chelsea Flower Show or Sports grounds, you are surrounded by artificial grass.

Artificial grass has taken off in the gardening world and is continuing to gain popularity for many reasons. Here’s why you should join the others and make the switch…

  1. It looks perfect

One main reason why many turn to artificial grass is due to the low maintenance the grass offers. You can finally say goodbye to garden chores and enjoy your extra time appreciating the view of your garden.

  1. It looks realistic

Over the year’s artificial grass has mastered a natural look which means to the naked eye, you will find it very difficult to determine whether you are looking at real grass or artificial grass. AGD offer a selection of artificial grass which allows you to pick the perfect shade, texture and appearance for your garden.

  1. It solves garden problems

During the winter months, flooding, snow and the consequences of the cold weather all have a negative effect on your garden. The summer months make your grass crave for water and yellow patches appear. All of these problems disappear with artificial grass and while others are repairing their garden, you are able to spend your time on other activities!

In order to keep your artificial garden looking brand new through the colder months, have a read through these winter month care tips.

  1. Child friendly

Along with creating a more natural look throughout the years, artificial grass has also become safer and cleaner for children to play on. AGD offer a Play 24/7 grass that is hard-wearing while offering an authentic look. An added bonus is that children will not be covered in mud and grass stains after playing outside!

We understand if you believe all these facts seem too good to be true, which is why we offer a five-year guarantee to put your mind at ease!

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